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The Lee County Economic Development provides business assistance to retain existing businesses, encourage entrepreneurship and attract new business so that Lee County has a strong economy, thriving communities and a broadly shared prosperity.  They host and participate in organized meetings and offer professional and business development series for business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs including topics such as government contracting, women’s summit, and start-up summits. The EDO also collaborates with strategic partners on the local, state and federal level to identify the needs of businesses and to help find solutions.  The measure represents EDO business visits with existing, local businesses.  Their goal is to help assist local employers with any challenges they face. 

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​Community Indicators

Current-Dollar Gross Domestic Product
for the Cape Coral-Fort Myers MSA
Bureau of Economic Analysis
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Gross domestic product (GDP) by metropolitan area is the sub-state counterpart of the Nation's gross domestic product (GDP), the most comprehensive measure of U.S. economic activity. It is derived as the sum of the GDP originating in all the industries in the metropolitan area.

Current-dollar statistics are valued in the prices of the period when the transactions occurred–that is, at "market value."

Number of Business Establishments
Bureau of Economic Analysis

A business establishment is a single physical location where one predominant activity occurs. Firms operate in one industry or in multiple industries.

This kind of classification is important to local decision makers and to businesses deciding where to locate.



​Watercraft License
Lee County Tax Collector/FL Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Statistics

All vessels with motors, including personal watercrafts (PWC), operating on Florida waters must be registered and titled.

Watercraft ownership as an economic indicator could support an increase in discretionary income levels.


​Economic Indicator Permit Activity
Lee County Community Development

​Certain permits issued are indicators for evaluating the health of our economy. These types of permits include single-family residences, pools, new commercial, and commercial remodel.


New Construction Valuation – Finalized Permits
Lee County Community Development

The value of new construction is an indicator of growth and investment into a community.







​Job Market

Lee County Labor Force Employment
Bureau of Labor Statistics
Lee County Average Annual Employment by Industry
FL Department of Economic Opportunity
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Lee County Average Annual Pay
Bureau of Labor Statistics
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​The values represent the average annual wage in Lee County.









Lee County Incentivized Jobs Last 5 Years (2012 – 2016)

​Local companies that meet specific criteria can apply for monetary incentives from the County.  Agreements are established and companies commit to job creation numbers and average wages above threshold.









The Economic Development website is a tool used by site selectors, corporate executives, work force talent and commercial real estate professionals. Tracking of the visits and the average time spent on site is an indication of how the user is engaged with the content. 


​Website Hits & Unique Visits
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Average Time Spent on Website
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city picturecity picture

​Social Media


​Social Media Followers
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​Economic Development social media networks have experienced a consistent increase in followers.  This measures the number of followers who follow the EDO social media pages. 









Economic Development uses social media as a channel for communication and education.  The social media reach is a measure of the potential audience size and engagement measures those that have responded to a post (a likes, replies or a shares).

​Social Media Reach
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Social Media Engagement
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Economic Development publishes a monthly newsletter called EconomicLEE Speaking.  The reach is a measure of the number of opt-in subscribers and the open rate measures how many subscribers open the email.  The newsletter includes recent business happenings, upcoming events, recent positive community rankings, reports, local businesses stories in the Lee County Limelight series and other business related information.

Newsletter Email Reach & Open Rate


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