Total Regional and Community Park Acres
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The Regional and Community measures include parkland managed by Lee County Parks and Recreation and areas under the jurisdictions of federal and state governments, the Lehigh Acres Municipal Services Improvement District, and various municipalities.   ​ ​ ​

Regional parks are tracts of land used by the public for active and/or passive recreation. They contain location-specific resources, such as sports complexes, multi-use trails, beaches and preserves, and draw users from a broad area.  

Goal: 6 acres per 1,000 seasonal residents
Exceeded: 9.4 acres per 1,000 seasonal residents
Based on a seasonal population of 768,127 people
Last Measure: 7,235 Acres Regional Parks
43.5% is owned and/or maintained by Lee County

Community parks are tracts of land used by the public primarily for active recreation.  They draw users from several neighborhoods and typically contain athletic courts and fields, community centers, playgrounds and pools. 

Goal: 0.8 acres per 1,000 permanent residents
Exceeded: 2.5 acres per 1,000 residents
Based on a permanent population of 362,620 people
Last Measure: 907 Acres Community Parks
94.7% is owned and/or maintained by Lee County


​​Lee County Developed Parkland 
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Park District Map
​ ​Adequate space for recreational use is important to a community.  To ensure that proper land and facilities exist, Lee County measures space devoted to recreation.  There are more than 4,000 acres of developed regional and community parkland. 


mangroves and kayak

The Greenway is 4.8 miles of marked, plotted, and landscaped land trails. 

The Blueway is 190 miles of charted/marked canoe and kayak trails through local inland and coastal waters.


​​Boat Ramps and Non-motorized Watercraft Launch Sites
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The measure for boat ramp lanes represents the existing federal, state, county, municipal and non-governmental boat ramp lanes in Lee County that are open to the public and have adequate on-site parking.  Please note that a single boat ramp may contain multiple lanes.






Number of Parklands Volunteers​​​Parkland Volunteer Hours and Wage Value
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​Park land volunteers assist regular staff with completing tasks in a timely manner and undertake special projects.  Park Volunteer Staff assignments include park beautification, land stewardship, trail maintenance, bird patrol and beach assist.  ​



Programs by CategoryParticipation by Category and Group
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Programs by Participant GroupProgram Delivery​​​
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​​​​The Programs section details what is offered for various interests and age groups, and how the programs are delivered.  In fiscal year 2018-19 Lee County Parks and Recreation had 205 programs.  Program measures identify community needs, seasonal demands, and staffing levels. ​

 swimming pool

Exercise class

Number of Program VolunteersProgram Volunteer Hours and Wage Value
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Program volunteers assist regular staff with routine tasks and undertake special projects.  Program Volunteer assignments include program assistant, interpretive naturalist, extension service master gardener and friends groups.


Volun-tourism: Volunteer Hours by Tourist Groups
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​​Volun-tourism is bringing folks to Lee County to volunteer as a part of a corporate event or school assignment.

Volun-tourism offers visitors a way to engage with the area while visiting.  Assignments include park beautification, land stewardship, trail maintenance and beach assist.






​Special Events

Special Events Participation Countywide
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​In 2015 Lee County hosted over 115 special events, with attendance surpassing 170,000.sea kayak






​​Operating Expense per Capita and Population Change
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​Operating expense is the ratio between Parks and Recreation operating expenses and population in the area.  This measure helps staff efficiently budget for future/existing Parks and Recreation facilities, fields, and open areas. 








​Conservation 20/20

Total Acres of 20/20 Conservation Lands = 28,97920/20 Management Plans
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20/20 Conservation Land Acres:  Lee County's Comprehensive Plan sets goals to protect natural resources, improve water quality, prevent flooding and provide passive recreational opportunities.

The Conservation 20/20 Management Plans guide the conservation, recreational and other land uses to ensure that the preserves are monitored, protected and enhanced.  Management Plans for each preserve are developed after one year of acquisition and are updated on a 10-year cycle.







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