Lee County Library System provides public library services for the people of the Southwest Florida community through six regional and seven branch libraries, Talking Books Library, Bookmobile and the E-Branch.

Library door counts measure the number of visitors to our libraries.  The number of visitors are seasonal and increase significantly during the months of January, February and March. Between 2011 and 2016 the Lee County population has grown approximately 8.8% from 625,310 to 680,539.  The projected population for 2040 is 1,024,700. 



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 Number of Library Visitors each Year
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Number of Library Visitors each Quarter
​Percent of Population with Active Library Cards

​Possession of a library card enables the Southwest Florida communities to check out books, CDs, DVDs, reports, magazines, books on local history, and other media from the library for research or entertainment. It also allows the card holder use of onsite computers and online digital resources.








Number of Items per Capita within the Available Library Collection
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Library Collection Breakdown
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Material Checkout (Circulation)

​Circulation is the measurement of lending library materials. As demand for electronic materials grows, the materials budget is adjusted to reduce items of low circulation. 


​Reference Contacts

A reference contact is the face-to-face, telephone and/or email interaction between library staff and the library patron.  Patrons now have access to Chat with a Librarian through the Library System web site. 

Reference service is provided to connect library patrons with resources that fulfill their informational, educational, and entertainment needs.









​​Programming is an integral component of library service and designed to strengthen the community by informing and enriching individuals.  In-house programs are at the library locations and can include book discussions, children's story time, workshops for writing, genealogy, kids clubs for coding and math, etc.

Library Programs by Group Served

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Annual Library Revenue and New Libraries

​In Fiscal Year 2013-14 the Board of County Commissioners chose to increase the Library System millage rate to support the accelerated construction schedule to replace the North Fort Myers and Bonita Springs Libraries.  The $26.6 million cost to construct the two libraries was collected in five years instead of the originally estimated 10 years,  and they are being built concurrently instead of consecutively.  These new facilities are scheduled to be in operation during Fiscal Year 2019-20.


​Volunteers and Friends of the Library

​ ​

Community volunteers donate their time and efforts to help staff provide efficient and quality services to the community. Library volunteers are not intended to replace Librarians, but to enhance and support operations.

Friends of the Library are groups of citizens who join together to support and promote libraries. Typical fundraising activities for these groups include book sales, author luncheons and sale of book bags, t-shirts, note cards and other assorted items. The funds they raise are donated to the Library System to support programming.  

​Number of Library Volunteers
Number of Friends Members



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