Innovation and ​Technology provides set-up, maintenance and staff support for personal computers, iPads and tablets. This measure will track overall numbers of computer resources. The data provides a scope for what is supported and insights into trends toward mobility. 

Computer Inventory - Board of County Commissioners
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Landline Phones - Telecom System
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Innovation and ​Technology supports the telecom network for departments under the Board of County Commissioners, as well as the Tax Collector, Court Administration, Property Appraiser, Clerk of Court, Medical Examiner and Supervisor of Elections.








Board of County Commissioners Staff
Landline Phone to Cell Phone Inventory
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​The comparison of landline counts to cell phone counts helps to understand the portion of Board of County Commissioners staff that has mobile phone accessibility on a County-paid device.











Information Technology Costs to Departments

​In annual budgets, departments pay a charge for technology services. These dollars are used to support telecom and data needs of County staff.








Fiber Return on Investment

​This metric will show the return on investment as the County adds fiber around Lee County, rather than leasing from other providers. 

Included in the ROI is the first year of fiber locate service costs. The locate service costs are not charged per site; they are a fee the County pays annually. This total fee is divided among all of the fiber sites across the county to determine the annual fiber locate service cost per site.






​ ​Unique Website Visitors

​Unique visitors to the Lee County website are measured by tracking IP addresses, which is more valuable than tracking hits. The increased activity in 2015 is attributed to upgrading to a new website design featuring improved usability, ADA accessibility and mobile optimization for improved access from tablets and cells phones.

​Note: Hurricane Irma increased website usage in September 2017.


​GIS - Geographic Information System

Departmental Requests for Printed Maps

​The core function of the GIS is to provide County departments and the public, access to spatial information and analysis. Access is provided through interactive mapping websites and printed maps.

printing a map 


Interactive Mapping Website Usage
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The system tracks the overall usage of interactive maps, both internally and by the public.

Note: The usage measure includes the web app maps, and starting in Oct 2016 usage from the LeeSpInS site.






​Note: Increased rainfall and hurricane Irma increased map usage in September and October 2017.


​Records & Document Management

Public Records
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​Lee County falls under the State of Florida open records Sunshine Law, and Lee County tracks the number of requests received and fulfilled by departments.








Storage for Digital Documents
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KwikTag is Lee County's primary system for digital document management.

The adoption of digital documentation helps to reduce physical storage costs and ease document retrieval.








​Customer Service

Help Desk Tickets
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This measure reports on the volume of help desk tickets that are submitted to be worked each month. 

The help desk supports employees of the Board of County Commissioners for all IT issues. In addition, the help desk supports telecom tickets for other agencies, such as Tax Collector, Property Appraiser and Clerk of Court. The Supervisor of Election also uses the help desk for networking tickets.




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