​Real Property Inventory

Acres of Lee County Land Inventory by Department
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​This measure identifies Lee County's real property inventory by department in acres. This includes improved properties but not easements, leases, or rights-of-way.



Lee County Real Property Inventory

Fee-owned real property is the land and anything permanently affixed to the land, such as buildings, fences and infrastructure. The Department of County Lands maintains an inventory of all County fee-owned real property (not including road rights of way).

This measure includes the number of vacant and improved properties owned by Lee County. Vacant lands may have ancillary structures.






County Lands Active Projects by Department
billy creekbilly creek



Acquisitions Completed by County Lands by Year

Acquisitions completed shows the number of real properties purchased by County Lands for various projects.​Acquisitions completed show the number of parcels acquired within county projects requiring real property interests. Ownership of the property is required as an initial step in order to successfully meet construction project start times.


​Title Examination Reports

Title Examination Reports

Real property research and title examination reports are necessary to identify ownership, any legal encumbrances, liens, omissions or errors.

Reports produced for the County Attorney's Office are necessary to assist with any legal proceedings affecting real property interests.






​Special Assessments

Special Assessments Paid

The County is exempt from paying Ad Valorem taxes.  The County is NOT, however, exempt from Non-Ad Valorem and Special Assessment fees imposed upon real property such as Solid Waste, Storm Water, Lighting Districts, etc.  

The County pays real property assessments in a timely manner in order to receive the highest discount possible, keeping costs down. 


NOTE: Ad Valorem / Non Ad-Valorem
Ad Valorem taxes are based on the value of property. Non-Ad Valorem assessments are fees for specific services such as solid waste disposal, water management, sewer, storm water, and special improvements.




​Tax Deed Sales

Number of Applications and Parcels Returned to the Tax Roll

This measure shows the number of parcels Lee County initiated Tax Deed application on and the number of parcels returned to the County tax roll.

Tax dollars recaptured is the dollar amount for all Lee County Taxing Authorities from County initiated Tax Deed sales (minus difference in funding redeemed).







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