​Development Services

All multi-family residential, commercial, institutional, infrastructure, industrial development projects and subdivisions must obtain a Development Order before beginning site work and the issuance of a building permit. Smaller projects considered to have insignificant impacts may qualify for a limited development order.

Development Order Applications and Positions
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Average Days to Complete the Initial Submittal Review of a Development Order

​The measure compares the time between application submittal and staff's determination whether to approve or deny the application.








before picture of buildingafter picture of building


​Customer Service

Customer Service Call Volume and Wait Times



Total Number of Permits and Positions
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​Community development issues permits for a variety of site work in addition to construction. Examples include changing out an air conditioner, re-roofing a house, or installing windows at a business.






Economic Indicator Permits
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Certain permits issued are indicators for evaluating the health of our economy. These types of permits include single-family residences, pools, new commercial, and commercial remodel.

permitting lobby 


​There are established turnaround times for plan review in Lee County. The industry goal is 7 days for residential plan review and 21 days for commercial. The measure reflects only the days between application submittal and staff's determination whether to approve or reject the application.
Residential Plan Review Days
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reviewer at PCreviews
Commercial Plan Review Days

Next-Day Inspections

Inspections are routinely performed the business day after the contractor made the request online or through the automated phone system. For Fiscal Year 15-16, the next day inspection rate = 99%.

pool inspectionroof inspection


​Code Enforcement

Code Violations and Positions

Lee County Code Enforcement works to sustain safe, healthy living conditions for residents and businesses.

This measure details the number of complaints submitted by the public that resulted in violations of Lee County Codes or Ordinances, and the violations found by code officers in the field. Since FY 13-14, there have been 23 positions within code enforcement.

The goal is to have each violation resolved by the owner.

code violation beforecode violation after


​Planning New Development Parcel Tracking

​Community Development updates this series of maps to track development by certificates of occupancy issued for all parcels in unincorporated areas (not within city boundaries). In addition to showing geographic trends in growth and development, it also illustrates where County resources have been invested and where Community Development staff efforts have been focused over time. Focus on the dark gray to visualize the increase.

​1990 ​2000 ​2016
1990 Cert of Occupancy map2000 Cert of Occupancy map2016 Cert of Occupancy map


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