​Kennel Operations

Lee County's Department of Animal Services provides core services involving domesticated animals kept as pets. The department does not provide services related to farm animals or wildlife. 

Kennel Total Intake
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Kennel Total Intake by Reason
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The kennel staff works reunite animals with owners and to get animals adopted.  The operation is also able to transfer to rescue groups thus allowing for more space at the kennel.  Some animals do end up euthanized or pass away while at the kennel.​

Outcomes for All Animals
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staff with dog
​Note: Trap/Neuter/Return is only for cats.


​Field Services

Total Calls Received

​Lee County Animal Services takes incoming calls for service (Mon.-Fri., 8 a.m.-4 p.m.). The calls range from general animal services questions to issues requiring dispatch of field operations.

Dispatch Activities
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More than 70% of calls received result in the dispatch of Field Operations.

There are three categories of dispatch based on urgency: Emergency, Priority and Non-Emergency.







animal control officer animal control officer
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​Field Operations enforces state and county regulation related to ownership and care of animals. Through a combination of education and citations (if warranted), field staff works to bring about compliance. A decline in citations is the pinnacle of success for community education and enforcement.





​Clinic Operations

Routine Clinic Services

Lee County Animal Services has a Veterinary staff providing rabies vaccines and  sterilization surgery, as well as implanting microchips.

Offering the vaccine increases public safety through the prevention of rabies in domestic pets. Lee County works to reduce the pet population by performing animal sterilization surgery.

The microchip program assists with the effort of returning animals to their owners.







Rabies Certificates

​Once an animal receives a rabies vaccination, the result is sent to Lee County Animal Services and a rabies certificate is issued. This measure shows the monthly activity of new rabies vaccines county-wide.

 staff with dog

Licensed Animals
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​A Lee County pet license is required by law.  The license is due the day the rabies vaccine is given.









Volunteer Hours
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​On average, volunteers at Lee County Animal Services give more than 20 hours of their time per month. The program is designed to be a long-term volunteer opportunity for those interested in assisting with clinic staff, animal handling, basic grooming, greeting the public, and photography.



​Community Education

Number of Posts to Social Media Fiscal Year 2016-17(YTD)
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​Social media is a communication channel that can be leveraged to educate the public on animal awareness and inform the public of important news and updates.



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