Artificial Reefs Natural Treasures​​

Artificial Reefs in Lee County provide a variety of destinations and opportunities. You can get a copy of the Artificial Reef Guidebook by contacting the Natural Resources Division by email or calling 239-533-8109.

Reef Building News

Lee County is pleased to announce the placement of our newest artificial reef located at:

Chris Koepfer’s ARC
‘The Mount’ is located at  26° 24.721’N  -82° 24.747’W and consists of more than 1,000 tons of concrete structures that were stacked to achieve relief of approximately 17’. The reef was funded by The Sport Fish Restoration Program and Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission utilizing funds that come from purchasing a saltwater fishing license. Materials were generously donated by The City of Cape Coral, Haskins Inc., and Coastal Precast of Florida. 
fullyloaded2.JPG IMG_2116.JPG IMG_1866.JPG  

In case you missed it.
Lee County has created 3 other artificial reefs recently. Two at Dean Hicks; East Patch (26° 22.045’N -82° 17.121’W) and West Patch (26° 22.043’N -82° 17.464’W) and our newest site, Phoenix has its first deployment (26° 45.582’N -82° 28.443’W) thanks to the Coastal Conservation Association.  

You can find GPS coordinates to Lee County and other Florida artificial reef sites at

If you have a compatible GPS, you can download the reef waypoint file in  GPX format for your use. Note this is in decimal degrees format. 

Download GPX File