Hurricane Irma left behind approximately 3 million cubic yards of debris - three times more than Hurricane Charley. This historic cleanup effort will take time, and it won't be complete until each area of Lee County is returned to its pre-storm condition.

Submit comments or questions related to Storm Debris or call 533-8000.


Where are crews working this week?

View the interactive Lee County Debris Collection 2nd Pass Map for the most up-to-date information. The map is updated at various times as information becomes available. (smartphone 2nd pass map)

Contractors requesting to assist with debris cleanup can contact Pam Keyes at 533-8544

Residents in the following incorporated areas must contact their municipality directly for debris pickup information:

Bonita Springs (Public Works, 239-949-6246

Cape Coral (Stacy Maine, 239-574-0592

Fort Myers (Darryl Bell, 239-321-8080

Fort Myers Beach (Chelsea O'Riley, 239-765-0202 ext. 1701) 

Sanibel (Keith Williams, 239-472-3700)

Garbage and debris generated outside of Lee County is not accepted at Lee County facilities.



Is there a place where I can take my own horticultural or Construction and Demolition storm debris? 

View drop-off locations in Lee County where residents of Bonita Springs, Fort Myers Beach, Estero and unincorporated Lee County can self-haul horticultural debris from their residential site at no charge.

Commercial landscaping firms may also use the sites as long as they have documentation indicating the address of the residence where the storm debris was collected and proof that they have only charged the homeowner for collection and removal of the debris, not disposal.

Residents in the following incorporated areas must contact their municipality directly for information about public drop-off locations:

  • Sanibel (Keith Williams, 239-472-3700)




What is the difference between storm-related debris and regular household trash?

Storm debris includes any trees, tree limbs and shrubs that went down in the hurricane. It also includes any fencing, flooring, furniture or wall board, etc. that had to be removed from the home due to flooding or other structural damage. This will be picked up by special debris-collection contractors.

Regular household trash is those things that you would throw away in a typical week. This will be picked up by your regular waste hauler.


When will the storm debris be collected from my curb and what should I do to prepare?

There is no schedule for when storm debris will be collected from your neighborhood. Additional debris collection vehicles arrive daily and are dispatched as soon as they are certified according to FEMA guidelines. This cleanup effort will take months; it will not be concluded until all county neighborhoods are cleared.

You can prepare for the storm debris collection by having everything at the curb in separate piles; vegetation waste should be separate from construction debris, including furniture, appliances. If you have large amounts of leaves and small twigs in plastic bags, set those aside from any brush piles. The brush will be ground into mulch and plastic cannot be in the mulch.


How should I separate my debris?

Click on image below for a full-size printable copy.


When will my regular household collections resume?

All three types of household collections – garbage, recycling and normal weekly yard waste – resumed regular collection the week of Sept. 25.

You can help speed the cleanup by placing yard waste that is in compliance out for weekly collection by your regular hauler. This includes yard waste that is bagged, bundled and tied, or in containers. Each bag, bundle or container needs to weigh less than 50 pounds. Bundles need to be less than six feet. Palm fronds can be stacked in neat piles at the curb. 



Will storm debris be collected from private or gated communities?

Storm debris will be collected from residential properties in private and gated communities as long as the property manager or association president has provided a signed Right of Entry form. Please make sure the name of the community is clearly indicated on the front page. Please return the forms to Molly Schweers at or fax to 239-338-3337.



I lost a lot of trees and don't have enough room to stage all my storm debris along the road. What should I do?

Put as much as possible along the road without blocking the roadway. Do not fill any drainage swales in case we get another rain storm before the debris is collected. You will have to leave the rest of the debris on your property until after the first collection pass has been made, which will give you more room at the curb.
Disaster debris contractors cannot go on your property – debris has to be at the curb. They will be collecting the debris with a mechanized claw truck, so don’t put the debris anywhere that could be damaged by the collection truck.


They removed my debris, but left the tree stump. When will the tree stumps be removed from the curb?

Stumps that have been removed from the ground and placed at the curb that are 24” in diameter or smaller, will be collected as regular debris.
Stumps that are larger than 24” in diameter must be documented and due to the size, may require different equipment for removal. These stumps may be left during the normal collection schedule and will be picked up when the proper equipment is available for removal.


Will the mulch produced from the vegetative debris be made available for the public?

Free mulch is available to all Lee County residents at the following five locations:

These locations are not attended. You will need to bring your own containers and shovel and load the mulch yourself.  


How many passes will the debris collection trucks make?

They will make several passes, depending on how much debris is in your neighborhood. Please make sure to get your debris to the curb in separate piles as shown in the diagram below. Mixed wastes will NOT BE COLLECTED.

Click on image below for a full-size printable copy.


If we are starting the second pass of debris collection, what about those who have yet to have a first pass?

We anticipate completing first pass this week.  Contractor will complete first pass and mobilize some assets to begin second pass next week. There may be some overlap depending how soon we complete first pass. If your office receives a call from a constituent who has not received first pass, please obtain the constituent’s address and send it to Dave Harner, Pam Keyes and Edie Brown. If a constituent wants to call Solid Waste himself or herself, please ask them to call Edie at 533-8000.


What about winter residents who have yet to return to their property to get a handle on it and the debris there?  

We are using media, our website, our video channel, LeeTV and social media to get the word out that second pass with be complete by end of December.  Then we will need to address late set outs through a complaint/request for service basis.


What about people who are waiting for a contractor and haven’t yet been able to clear debris?

The goal for 100 percent first pass is to be completed by November 12th, 2017. The second pass is to be completed by the end of December 2017.



How much Storm Debris has been collected by Lee County?

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