Basic Life Insurance

The County provides term Life and Accidental Death & Dismemberment insurance for their employees at no cost, through The Standard. Eligible employees will receive 1x their annual base salary. Employees in pay grades 203 and above receive 2X annual salary up to a max of $350,000.

Optional Group (Term) Life Insurance

Eligible employees may wish to purchase additional term life insurance through the County's Group Optional Life Insurance program. This is a voluntary, payroll-deducted benefit designed for employees for themselves, spouse, and/or children.

Group Optional Life allows you to select the amount of additional life insurance which best fits your needs up to a maximum of $500,000 for eligible employees, $250,000 for spouse (any amount elected above the Guaranteed Issue Amount of $300,000 for eligible employees and $50,000 for spouse is subject to Evidence of Insurability).

Married employees of Lee County BoCC cannot cover each other for Optional Life and they cannot cover their dependents who are employees.

      Updating Beneficiaries

    To change or update beneficiaries any time during the year:

Please send your original signed forms to Human Resources via email at or fax to (239) 485-2052.

Basic Life Policy 1x

Basic Life Policy 2x