Do I need Vision Insurance? 

Your Aetna medical plan covers one eye exam every 12 months. Additionally, Aetna provides a vision discount program called Aetna Vision Discounts.

If you want more comprehensive coverage, you can enroll in the supplemental vision plan offered by the county either as a new-hire, or during our annual open enrollment in the fall of each year. The supplemental vision plan is a fully-insured vision care program designed to provide you and your eligible dependents with a variety of benefits including:

Coverage for annual eye exam and necessary eyewear (lenses, frames, or contacts).
Discounts on additional eyewear, including contact lenses and laser vision correction surgery.
Coverage for out-of-network providers at higher out-of-pocket costs.

When I sign up for the vision plan, how does it work?

You will not get an ID card from the supplemental vision plan. When you are ready to go to the eye doctor, you can visit the current vision plan website to find a participating provider and check out your coverage. 

I didn't sign up for the supplemental vision plan. Do I have any vision coverage under the Aetna medical plan?

Yes, our medical plan covers an eye exam every year. Our medical plan does not cover the purchase of eyewear. To find an eye doctor (ophthalmologist or optometrist) visit and use the DocFind® tool.  Aetna also provides a vision discount program. To learn more about Aetna Vision Discounts sign onto Aetna Member Services site and click on Benefits, then Health Programs.