How do I enroll in short-term disability (STD)?

Existing Employees: If you are an existing employee and did not enroll at your new-hire enrollment period, you may apply for this coverage by completing BOTH the short and long STD enrollment forms. There is no guarantee the carrier will approve your application.

Contact Human Resources at 239-533-2245 for the forms:

  • Medical History Statement (Long form) – Mail directly to the carrier at the address shown on the form. Please do not send the long form to our office since it contains your personal health information.
  • Enrollment and Change Form (Short form) – Return to the benefits office so we know that you applied for coverage.

Please Note: Make copies of all forms before mailing.

I am going to have surgery next month and would like to use my Short-Term Disability (STD) plan to cover my time out of work. How do I file a claim?

To file a claim for STD benefits, call 239-533-2245 and ask for Benefits. There are claim forms that must be completed by the employer, employee, and your physician. These forms are not available online.

How long will it take to receive my short-term disability (STD) benefit checks once I have submitted the claim forms?

Remember, STD does not cover the initial seven (7) days of your absence from work. You must use your own accumulated leave or no-pay if you have no accumulated leave available to you. Usually, your benefits checks will begin arriving within two to three weeks after your claim has been received by the STD carrier.

How will my benefit plan premiums be paid if I am out of work not receiving a County paycheck?

You will be billed by the Senior Fiscal Officer for premiums that have been missed during that time and will be able to write a personal check. If your absence from work is a month or less, you have the option of making up the payroll deductions upon your return to work, or keeping up with them via personal check.