I lost my member ID card(s). How do I get a new one?

You can request a new card online - just go to Aetna Member Services site and sign in to your account. Click on ID Card on the left-hand side of the page. You can print a copy of your temporary card online, which may be used until the new one is received. You can also call Aetna Member Services at 855-281-8858 (medical plan) or, 877-238-6200 (dental plan), and tell them you need a new ID card(s). They can order a new card for you or any member of your family as needed.   
My medical/dental insurance just started with the County. How long should I expect to wait to receive my member card(s)?

You can expect to receive your new medical and or dental card(s) in 7-10 days from the date your enrollment was first reported to Aetna; or, the date you requested a new card online. In most cases, you will receive your new ID card(s) prior to the effective date of your benefits.

What should I do if I need to see my doctor, get prescriptions filled, etc. and I haven't received my cards yet or I am waiting for a new card?

If you need to see the doctor or have a prescription filled right away, have your doctor or pharmacist call Aetna's Member Services number at 855-281-8858 to verify your coverage – they may ask you for your social security number in order to confirm your enrollment. You may also go online to Aetna Navigator and print a copy of your temporary ID card.  Please Note: If your benefits are effective and your information is NOT found on Aetna Member Services site, please call 239-533-2245 and ask for Benefits.

What are my group numbers?

Medical & Dental group number: 881673
FSA group number: 139018

Where will my cards come from and how many will I get?

You will receive your cards directly from Aetna. You will receive one card for the medical plan and you will not receive a card for the dental plan. The cards will show the names of all dependents covered. 

What if I need additional cards for out-of-area dependents?

Should you desire any additional ID cards for other family members, you can request those directly from Member Services or go online to Aetna Member Services site.