Facilities Construction & Management is responsible for all downtown Lee County Public Parking Lots, Jury Parking Lot and County Vehicle Parking Garages.

Lee County leases 3 downtown Public Parking Lot services to Premium Parking. Parking fees for each parking lot are listed below. A camera will capture your license plate number upon entering and exiting the parking lot. Your license plate information will be used to calculate your parking fee and enable you to pay for parking using the mobile app, website or kiosk.


P2924 Public Parking Lot at 2110 Martin Luther King Blvd

​$1.35 First Hour + $1.00 each additional hour
​Monday – Thursday 7:30 am – 5:30 pm
​$5.35 Flat Rate 
​Friday 5:30 pm - Monday 7:30 am

P2923 Public Parking Lot at 2201 Second Street (corner of Second Street & Hendry Street) 

​$1.35 First Hour + $1.00 each additional half-hour
​Monday – Friday 7:30 am – 5:30 pm
​$7.35 Flat Rate 
​Monday – Thursday 5:30 pm – 7:30 am
​$10.35 Flat Rate
​Friday 5:30 pm – Monday 7:30 am
​$12.35 Flat Rate
​Special Events

P2926 Public Works Parking Lot at 1500 Monroe Street (enter on Heitman Street) ACCEPTS MOBILE PAYMENTS ONLY

​Free for County Business Purposes Only
​Monday – Friday 5:30 am – 5:30 pm
​$5.35 Flat Rate
​Monday – Thursday 5:30 pm – 5:30 am
​$5.35 Flat Rate 
​Friday 5:30 pm – Monday 5:30 am
​$5.35 Flat Rate 
​Special Events

3 Convenient ways to pay for parking in any of the 3 Lee County downtown parking lots. You will need your license plate number to complete payment. 

1) Pay by phone. After pointing your camera at our QR code, you will receive a link through text message that will allow you to pay for parking OR after texting PARK to our short code, you will receive a link through text message that will allow you to pay for parking. 

2) Pay at Kiosk. Locate the Premium Parking kiosk in the parking lot, enter your license plate number, enter the amount of time you wish to park and then pay using cash, debit or credit card. Kiosks do not give change. 

3) Pay on Computer. Go to the Premium Parking website, locate the parking lot, enter your license plate number and follow the instructions from there for payment. www.premiumparking.com 

If you realize you will not have enough time to return to your vehicle, Premium Parking offers a convenient option to extend your time if you purchased using the mobile app. Unfortunately, if you purchased through the kiosk you cannot extend from your exact end time as the two systems are separate. 

Vehicles with accessible parking permits or license plates are required to pay standard parking rates. 

Parking is free for Disabled Veterans with vehicles that have a Disabled Veteran license plate. 

To appeal a parking ticket please contact www.premiumparking.com/enforcement-appeals

Questions about Parking www.premiumparking.com

Get jury duty parking lot locations and directions.