This program is funded by Lee County ad valorem (property) tax dollars and may have certain residency, age, citizenship and income requirements. Click the link below for eligibility requirements.

​Eligibility Requirements

Eviction/Past-Due Rent or Mortgage

The individual or household must be able to document an appropriate crisis that has interrupted their ability to maintain self-sufficiency. An appropriate example might be an unexpected, temporary loss of income due to domestic violence, loss of job, reduced work hours or a medical crisis; or an unexpected expense such as funeral costs (immediate family only), medical/dental bills or emergency home repairs.

Inappropriate reasons might be: lack of planning with seasonal or temporary job, traffic tickets, sanctions from other government programs, illegal or destructive behavior. In general, a client would not be eligible if it was deemed they created, or were responsible for, their own crisis. ​

First Month's Rent

Situations which might qualify the household for this program would be: living in a shelter or transitional housing and has income in the household; victim of domestic violence (verification required or referral from ACT Shelter) and have income; household disaster which results in current living situation being uninhabitable; rental home sold or foreclosed.

Human & Veteran Services does not rent or provide housing. Applicants are responsible for securing their own housing arrangements. Click on the link below for a list of low-income housing providers.

Low-Income Housing Providers