Lee County Human and Veteran Services provides cremations for homeless and low-income citizens who cannot afford for the final disposition of a relative. 
If you have a family member, who has recently passed and cannot afford cremation, you may qualify to have your relative cremated at no cost. The Indigent Cremation program does not provide for a funeral, memorial viewing, visitation, or any other services.

Qualifications for the program include:

  • The person must have died in Lee County
  • The deceased person must not have any form of life insurance.
  • The household income must not exceed 100% of the federal poverty guidelines, and household assets must not exceed the maximum amount. These are listed in the chart below:

2019 Federal Poverty Guidelines and Asset Limits
(Published February 1, 2019 and September 18, 2013)

Number of Persons in HouseholdMaximum Annual IncomeMaximum Assets

Documentation requirements:

  • Social security card or other document verifying deceased person's social security number.
  • Photo ID of the deceased person.
  • Photo ID of applicant.
  • Social Security Card of Applicant.
  • Proof of all of household income.


  • Return completed application and required documents to Lee County Human and Veteran Services.
  • Your application will be reviewed and you will be notified regarding your eligibility.
  • Staff will authorize the retrieval of the body.
  • If you wish to collect the ashes upon completion, you will need to sign paperwork with the assigned funeral home.

Completed application and required documentation must be returned
in person or via mail to:

Lee County Human and Veteran Services
Attn: Indigent Cremation
2440 Thompson St.
Fort Myers, FL 33901

Cremation Vendors

Lee County Human and Veteran Services accepts applications from licensed and insured funeral establishments to participate in the indigent cremation program. The purpose of the indigent cremation program is to provide final disposition in accordance with the law for deceased persons who have no family, or whose family cannot afford private funeral arrangements. In order to qualify for this program, the death must have occurred within Lee County (but the decedent does not need to have been a county resident).

Solicitation for funeral establishments is made once annually. The deadline for the 2019-2020 rotation has passed, but funeral establishments who are interested in being part of future rotation lists must complete the Lee County Vendor Application and Agreement for Indigent Cremation Services

Required Attachments:
Lee County Local Business Tax Receipt
Funeral Home License
License to Cremate
Certificate of General Liability and Automobile Insurance

Complete application, agreement and all required attachments must be returned to Bill Lawyer at glawyer@leegov.com.