​​​​Construction Licensing Board

Pursuant to Lee County Ordinance 00-26 and AC12-6​​, the Lee County Construction Licensing Board was established to:​
  • Review applications, and grant or deny Lee County Certificates of Competency.
  • Hear and decide complaints against contractors holding a Lee County Certificate of Competency for violations of this ordinance.
  • Hear and decide complaints against state certified or registered contractors in accordance with F.S. Ch. 489.
  • Make recommendations to the Construction Licensing Board regarding local complaints against state certified and state registered contractors.​


  1. Examination and Sponsorship: Apply for sponsorship with Lee County to test through one of the following testing companies:  Prometri​c Inc., Gainesville Independent Testing Services or Prov
​​View a list of the test names and codes for each company. Contact the testing company directly for information on study material. The sponsorship fee is $35.  You must pass the test with a score of 75% or greater before submitting an application for a Certificate of Competency. You may apply for sponsorship by sending an email to ContractorLicensing@leegov.com. Include the following information in your message:
    • First and Last Name (this should be the name shown on your driver's license/photo ID; you will be required to show identification at the testing site)
    • Mailing Address
    • Phone Number
    • Type of Certificate of Competency
    • Name of testing company (if testing with Prometric, fill out Prometric's registration guide and attach it to your email message)

    ​After receipt of your message, Lee County will send you a link to where you can make your $35 payment online using a credit card or check.

    If the applicant has previously taken an exam and the applicant has actively been engaged in providing these services for at least two years prior to application, the applicant may provide Lee County with these exam results. Lee County will determine if the prior exam results are acceptable. 

  1. ​​Application: Submit a completed application along with all requirements to Lee County.

  2. Board Hearing: Attend a scheduled board hearing (currently meeting once a month). The Board must approve your application before a license can be issued.

  3. Insurance and Fees: After board approval, you will need to provide the required insurance documentation and submit the Certificate of Competency fee of $90. You may submit a workers' ​compensation exemption in lieu of workers' compensation insurance. Exemptions are applied for through the State of ​Florida. Their local office is located at 2295 Victoria Ave., Suite 163, Fort Myers, FL 33901; phone number 239-461-4006. Visit the State of Florida's Bureau of Compliance website for additional information.​​

  4. Issuance: You will be issued a Certificate of Competency, which will be required to be renewed yearly on Sept. 30. ​