This simplified permitting checklist has been adopted by Unincorporated Lee County to facilitate the installation of small solar photovoltaic (PV) systems. Applicants wishing to receive a permit under the simplified solar application process must first verify that the proposed project is eligible via the checklist in Section 1 and the must supply all information requested under Section 2.

Permit determinations will be issued within 7 days of receipt of a complete application and fee. Notice of an incomplete application will be provided within 5 days of receipt. Inspections will be scheduled within one business day of the inspection request.

For additional information, email Myles Piper or call 239-533-8597 ext. 48823.

Section 1. Streamlined Permit Eligibility Checklist

Verify that the proposed installation complies with each item in the eligibility checklist below. If the installation does not comply with any item, the submittal will still be accepted but may be subject to longer review times.

  1. CONTRACTOR REQUIREMENTS - The contractor performing the solar installation holds the necessary licenses and permits to perform this work in this jurisdiction.
  2. MAXIMUM CAPACITY - The capacity of the proposed PV project is less than 10 KW.

  3. PROJECT LOCATION - The proposed PV project will be a rooftop system.

  4. PROJECT CODE COMPLIANCE - The structure that the proposed project will be mounted on is code-compliant and the proposed solar installation is compliant with all relevant fire and electrical codes, including setback requirements.

  5. EQUIPMENT STANDARDS - The proposed solar system has been certified by the Florida Solar Energy Center.

  6. WEIGHT LIMIT - The system will have a distributed weight of less than 5 pounds per square foot and less than 45 pounds per attachment point to roof.

  7. MODULE TILT - To mitigate wind loads, the proposed system will be mounted flush against the roof surface or tilted with no more than an 18 inch gap between the module frame and the roof surface.

  8. ELECTRICAL CONNECTION - The proposed solar installation is composed of micro inverters installed at the photovoltaic panels themselves.

  9. HISTORIC/ARCHITECTURAL REVIEW - The proposed solar installation is not located on a building subject to historic or architectural review.

Section 2. Permit Application and Required Documents

  1. APPLICATION - Provide completed Trade Permit Application.

  2. SITE PLAN - Provide a site plan showing the location of solar system components and other equipment on structure (including location of the electrical service and location of point of interconnection).

  3. ELECTRICAL DIAGRAM - Provide an electrical diagram showing PV array configuration, wiring methods, overcurrent protection, inverter, disconnects, required signs, and ac connection to building.

  4. MANUFACTURER SPEC SHEETS - Provide manufacturer spec sheets for all system components.

  5. WIND LOAD CALCULATIONS and WEIGHT LIMIT - Provide the wind uplift zone (per ASCE-7) of the roof where the solar system is to be installed and the wind uplift pressure for that zone. The system will have a distributed weight of less than 5 pounds per square foot and less than 45 pounds per attachment point to roof. Provide documentation that the proposed system is able to meet calculated load that are signed and sealed by a design professional.