​A compliance statement must be on the plans stating design is according to the Florida Building Code, 7th Edition (2020)​ and the ANSI/APSP/ICC5 standard for the design, construction, and workmanship of swimming pools.

All suction outlets must be identified and noted with inlet covers that meet ANSI/ASME A112.19.8 Standards.

Each application for a swimming pool permit will have to detail the barrier requirements to be included as part of the pool construction and be installed at the time of final inspection. Pool safety features: barrier, alarms, self-closing latching doors, pool cover.

​​Every in-ground pool, hot tub, spa or above ground pool less than four feet high shall be enclosed by a fence, wall, screen enclosure or other structure constructed or installed so as to prevent unauthorized access to the pool. This requires a separate enclosure or fence permit.


Application must be made for above ground and in-ground swimming pools and spas.

In-Ground Pools:

​Submit three (3) copies of the​ following:  

  1. Plot plan - must include: lot size, setbacks to front, sides and rear property lines from existing structures and proposed pool area, size of pool, dimensions of deck and location of steps, ladder and pool equipment.
  2. Cross section and plan view of pool showing steps, ladder, deck details and footing details.
  3. Plans / Blueprints.

 Above-Ground Pools (24" and above require a pool permit):

Submit three (3) copies of the following: 

  1. Plot plan - must include: lot size, setback to front, sides and rear of property lines from existing structures and proposed pool area, size of pool, dimensions of deck and location of steps, ladder and pool equipment.
  2. Manufacturer's specifications on how to erect the pool and specifications on self-locking ladders.
  3. If a deck is going to be erected around the pool construction details are required. NOTE: If deck is 30 inches or more above the ground level, these plans must be sealed by a Florida registered architect or engineer with compliance statement for the current Florida Building Code. 


A $50 Plan review fee and a $25 zoning review fee will be due when you submit the application. You may be charged a $225 in-ground or $75 above ground pool permit fee, a $75 electrical permit fee and possible other permit fees, depending upon your scope of work, when you pick up the permit. ​Review all fee associated to permitting.​​​​​


Prior to application to the Permitting Office:   

  1. The Lee County Health Department requires that the plans for a commercial swimming pool be completed by an engineer and submitted to them for approval.
  2. Development Review is required - Show pool house, pool and four (4) feet minimum fence, rail, wall or enclosure.

To Make Application​:

Submit three (3) sets of the following: 

  1. Health Department stamped approved plans and provisions
  2. Site Plan indicating set backs. (A separate permit is required for enclosure, fence wall or railing) Development Order number which indicates the approved D.O.


A $200 Plan review and a $25 zoning review fee will be due when you submit the application, permit fees are due when the permit is issued. Permit fees may include an $225 in-ground permit fee, a $75 electrical permit fee and possible other permits depending upon your scope of work. Review all fees associated to permitting.


Make the inspection request online​ or call 239-533-8997

​​In-Ground Pools: 

  1. Pool Retaining Wall/Pile caps (101 inspection on automated system).
  2. Pool Steel - structural, including main drain (108 inspection on automated system).
  3. Electrical Bonding at time of Pool Steel ( 304 inspection on automated system).
  4. Pool Deck - structural (109 inspection on automated system).
  5. Electrical Bonding of Pool Deck (304 inspection on automated system).
  6. Pool final including the electric (119 inspection on automated system). This inspection should only be called for after the permanent enclosure is in place and an enclosure permit posted.

​For Commercial Pools, in addition to 1-6 above, the following are required: Development Services inspection which is requested through letter of Substantial Compliance submitted to permitting counter. Approval from Lee County Health Department.

Above-Ground Pools: 

  1. ​​Pool and deck (if applicable) erected, electrical and bonding inspection (Pool Final 119)