Hickey Creek Greenbriar Connector

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Hickey Creek Greenbriar Connector
Greenbriar Blvd.
Fort Myers, Florida 33905

Total Acres: 14.15
Number of Parcels: 5
Total Cost: $97,598.78
Date Acquired: Tuesday, March 8, 2005 *
*Date first parcel was acquired.

Additional Acquisition Information
Land Stewardship Plan

Coordinator: Felicia Nudo
Telephone: (239) 560-2152

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Hickey Creek Greenbriar Connector is a combination of properties maintained by Lee County, the East County Water Control District and the Office of Greenways and Trails. The preserve is located directly south of Hickey Creek Mitigation Park, where public access trails are available, and Alva Scrub Preserve.

The primary natural plant communities at this preserve are mixed wetland hardwoods, cypress swamps, and freshwater marshes.

Recreation Opportunities:

There is no public access available at this preserve. Please contact staff to visit.

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