Alva Scrub Preserve

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Alva Scrub Preserve
2891 Goggin Rd.
Alva, Florida 33920

Total Acres: 1175.49
Number of Parcels: 8
Total Cost: $16,847,808.50
Date Acquired: Friday, April 30, 1999 *
*Date first parcel was acquired.

Additional Acquisition Information
Land Stewardship Plan

Coordinator: Laura Greeno
Telephone: (239) 707-2206

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Visitors to Alva Scrub Preserve can explore many diverse plant communities, including mesic and scrubby flatwoods, oak hammock and cypress ponds. Gopher tortoises, great-horned owls and a variety of songbirds may be observed throughout the year. A Florida Panther has also occasionally been observed at the preserve. This 1,175-acre preserve also offers a 4-mile east-west corridor across which wildlife can travel.

This preserve consists of eight land parcels acquired between 1999 and 2019. The parcels extend from the southern boundary of Hickey Creek Mitigation Park, near Bateman Road, across to the eastern side of Edwards Drive.

A 2.8-mile hiking/equestrian trail and 4.8-mile at-grade bicycle loop trail recently opened to the public. Public access is also available for hiking the fire lines on parcel 357 on the west side of Goggin Road. A parking lot is available for visitors on the east side of Goggin Road. A second gate, with no designated parking, is located from Witt’s End Road.

Conservation 20/20 restoration efforts to improve this habitat include invasive exotic vegetation treatment and conducting prescribed burns. These efforts are additionally supported through mitigation funding.

Recreation Opportunities:
Bike Trails, Bird Watching, Hiking (Unmarked or Fire Lines), Horseback Riding, Nature Study/Photography

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The preserve is open daily during daylight hours.

Additional Information:
Parcel 163 was acquired after the Alva Scrub Preserve Land Stewardship Plan was published. This addendum presents the land management and public use plans for this 310-acre site.

Parcel 195, on the eastern side of Edwards Drive, contains important habitat for the Florida Scrub-Jay, a federally-listed threatened species. Restoration work to improve this habitat is ongoing.

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