Pop Ash Creek Preserve

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Pop Ash Creek Preserve
9451 Nalle Grade Rd
North Fort Myers, Florida 33917

Total Acres: 307.45
Number of Parcels: 1
Total Cost: $1,561,846.00
Date Acquired: Tuesday, August 19, 2003 *
*Date first parcel was acquired.

Additional Acquisition Information
Land Stewardship Plan

Coordinator: Lee Waller
Telephone: (239) 707-0862

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This preserve is 307 acres primarily consisting of hydric pine flatwoods and wet prairie, and also includes a portion of Popash Creek. There are over six miles of hiking and equestrian trails. Pop Ash Creek Preserve is also an ideal location to observe river otters, turtles, wading birds and alligators.

Before this land was acquired, past hydrologic modifications and land uses resulted in the land being classified as significantly disturbed. As a result, a large invasive exotics removal project has been completed at this preserve, with maintenance treatments continuing today. Additionally, a Lee County Division of Natural Resources project created a filter marsh to utilize the ponds already onsite. This project reduces flooding in adjacent watersheds, removes nutrients from the water and protects neighborhoods near the preserve.

Recreation Opportunities:
Bird Watching, Fishing, Geocaching, Hiking (Marked Trails), Hiking (Unmarked or Fire Lines), Horseback Riding, Nature Study/Photography

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