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collapse Year: 2016

12/20/2016Work Session AgendaVideo
Description: Big Carlos Pass Bridge Project Development & Environment Study (PD&E)

Big Carlos Pass Bridge Project Presentation

12/6/2016Work Session AgendaVideo
Description: Solid Waste – Long-Term Planning Status Update


11/15/2016Work Session AgendaVideo
Description: Comprehensive Plan Amendments – Growth Management

Lee Plan Update Growth Management Presentation

11/1/2016Work Session AgendaVideo
Description: Annual Legislative Priorities

2016 Federal Agenda - 114th Congress
2017 Draft State Legislative Agenda
Lee County 2017 Legislative Preview

10/18/2016Work Session AgendaVideo
Description: Conservation 20/20: Oil, Gas and Mineral Rights (OGMs)

PowerPoint Presentation

9/20/2016Budget MemoVideo
Description: FY 16-17 Second Public Budget Hearing

Agenda & Hearing Script
BOCC Budget Schedules
Five-Year Overall CIP Program
Major Maintenance Overall Total
Port Authority Budget Schedules

9/6/2016Budget MemoVideo
Description: FY 16-17 First Public Budget Hearing

Hearing Script
5-Year Overall CIP
Major Maintenance Overall Total
PowerPoint Presentation

8/16/2016Work Session AgendaVideo
Description: 3rd & Final Draft FY 16-17 Continuation Budget

Supporting Documents
PowerPoint Presentation

6/21/2016Work Session AgendaVideo
Description: 2nd Draft FY16-17 Continuation Budget

PowerPoint Presentation

6/7/2016Work Session AgendaVideo
Description: 1st Draft FY16-17 Continuation Budget

PowerPoint Presentation

5/17/2016Work Session AgendaVideo
Description: Hurricane Response Roles & Responsibilities Unincorporated MSTU Fund Status Update

BOCC Hurricane Pre-Season Briefing PowerPoint
Unincorporated MSTU Fund Update PowerPoint

5/3/2016Work Session AgendaVideo
Description: Comprehensive Plan Amendments Update and Children's Services Council Structure

Lee Plan Amendments PowerPoint Presentation
Children's Services Council PowerPoint Presentation

4/19/2016Work Session AgendaVideo
Description: Conservation 20/20 Draft Referendum Language, Dedicated Funding Department – Solid Waste, and Utilities CIP/Major Maintenance

Conservation 20/20 Draft Referendum Language
Solid Waste Financial Policies Overview
Utilities CIP and Major Maintenance

4/5/2016Work Session AgendaVideo
Description: FY16-17 Draft Capital Improvement and Maintenance Plan

PowerPoint Presentation

3/15/2016Work Session AgendaVideo
Description: Water Quality and Storage Comprehensive Review

PowerPoint Presentation

3/1/2016Work Session AgendaVideo
Description: FY16-17 Operating Budget Policy Decisions

PowerPoint Presentation

2/16/2016Work Session AgendaVideo
Description: Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Funds

PowerPoint Presentation

2/2/2016Work Session AgendaVideo
Description: Transportation CIP Project Ranking

PowerPoint Presentation
Project Ranking Matrix 2016 Spreadsheet

1/19/2016Work Session AgendaVideo
Description: Dedicated Funding Departments - Utilities

Lee County Utilities Financial Policies Overview PowerPoint

1/5/2016Work Session AgendaVideo
Description: Legacy Program: Historic Preservation Grants

PowerPoint Presentation