Lee County Utilities deployed an upgrade to its Utility Billing and Customer Self-Service web portal to improve Customer Service.

On September 6, 2016, Lee County Utilities will be implementing an upgrade to its utility billing system.  With the upgrade to our system, customers will begin to enjoy the following benefits:

Web Portal:

  • Account Summary:
    • Customers will be able to view their account summary with their usage history chart for the past 25 months.
    • My Preferences:
      • Customers may enroll for paperless billing. (emailing of bills)
      • Enter a one-time payment.
      • Set-up their "wallet" for payment options, either credit card or bank draft.
      • Notification Options for account activities via:
        • Email  and/or
        • SMS (text messages) for any new account activity.
  • Bills and Payments:
    • Customers will be able to view 25 months of billing history and bill statement images.  Bill images inventory will begin to populate for bills generated after September 6, 2016.
  • Update My Info:
    • Customers will be able to update their mailing address and their phone numbers. 
  • Service Requests:
    • Customers will have the option to submit electronically a customer service request of account, billing, and other inquires directly from our web portal. 

Mobile Apps:

  • LCU Service Request:  Residents will be able to process the following requests through their mobile phones:
    • Establish New Service.
    • Transfer service from one location to another, as long as both locations are within Lee County Utilities' service area.
    • Terminate Service.
    • Seasonal Disconnects:  For residents that are seasonal residents.
    • Lien Requests.
  • LCU Pay:  Residents will be able to monitor their account balance and make payments on their accounts.


Our Pay-by-Phone/IVR option is being improved to make it easier for customers to obtain their account balance and to make a payment with the option to pay with a credit card or checking/savings account.  You will be able to search for your account by either account number or by verifying the primary phone number on your account. 

Bill Statement:

Your bill statement is being updated to make it easier to understand by having a two sided bill print that will display a summary portion on the front page of the invoice and the detailed breakdown of your bill along with a 13-month consumption chart.

To review, "How to Read Your New Lee County Utilities' Bill Statement," please click on the document below:

How to Read Your New Lee County Utilities' Bill Statement