​Automated Garbage Collection has begun in Franchise Area​ 4

(East Lee County - affected zip codes are listed below)


Progressive Waste Solutions, the contracted waste hauler for Area 4, will collect your yard waste, recycling and household garbage all on the same day - your current garbage day

Use the new, 95-gallon tan cart for garbage and the blue cart for recycle. Put both carts and any yard waste to the curb on the day your garbage is normally collected.

These wheeled carts are the property of Lee County. 

Please place carts at the curb with the arrow facing the street. Keep the cart 3 feet from cans, mailboxes, recycling etc.


Diagram of trash and recycle carts three feet apart                        Tan for Household Garbage                                 Blue for Recycle


Requests for a smaller, wheeled garbage cart will be taken by the Lee County Solid Waste Division at 239-533-8000.

Progressive Waste Solutions appreciates each resident's cooperation and patience during this re-routing process. Progressive Waste Solutions customer service can be reached at 239-368-2300.


  • How do I know what day to set everything at the curb?
    Set your household garbage, recycle and yard waste at the curb on the day you currently set out your garbage. If you're not sure which day that is, check this collection map​.
  • ​How do I know if I live in area 4?
    This change affects people living in the following zip codes -  
​zip codeaffected portion
​33905​Unincorporated sections of Lee County - does not affect residents in the City of Fort Myers


  • What do I do with my current trash cans? 
    You may use your current garbage cans for overflow material or yard waste. If you no longer want the container, please set it at the curb with "Please take" written on it. 
  • How do I know what day to set trash at the curb?
    Continue to set your trash out on the same day you currently do. Also set out your yard waste and recycling on that same day. 
  • I don't have room for a large trash cart in my garage and my homeowner association rules don't permit outside  storage of trash cans. What do I do?
    Lee County Solid Waste has already identified the neighborhoods that will need smaller carts due to space restrictions and HOA rules, and has been in contact with the management for those neighborhoods. If you feel your neighborhood has been missed, please call our customer service at 239-533-8000.