Some people have medical issues that cannot be accommodated in a regular public shelter.  For those people whose health would quickly and dramatically deteriorate in a public shelter and have no other safe place to go, there are Special Needs shelters available.

You must complete an application to see if your medical issues qualify for a Special Needs shelter. There are specific criteria and eligibility requirements, which may vary somewhat from county to county. You must have a caregiver with you during your stay at the Special Needs shelter. During an emergency we have very limited staff working in the shelters, so your caregiver is critically important for your health and safety.

There is limited hospital sheltering for people who are extremely high risk and cannot survive outside a hospital environment. Your physician must recommend hospital sheltering and give specific details of your medical situation. You may be responsible for fees associated with hospital sheltering.  As at any other shelter, you must bring your emergency supplies with you.  In any emergency situation you should have a plan for where you will go if you cannot return to your home because of damage.  Emergency Management can help you register and answer any questions.