​10 Questions to ask if YOUR family member resides in an

Assisted Living Facility or Nursing Home.

  1. Does the facility have a currently approved Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan?  If yes, may I see a copy of the approval letter? If no, ask them why, as it is required.
  2. Do you maintain a minimum 72-hour supply of food, water, medications, etc. for each resident?
  3. Do you have an emergency generator? If yes, to what does it supply power during a blackout?
  4. Under what circumstances would my family member be evacuated?
  5. Can my family member be released to me for the purpose of evacuation?
  6. Who will notify me of the impending evacuation of my family member?
  7. Whom should I call to receive current information on my family member?
  8. What facilities might my family member be evacuated to? Where are they located?
  9. Who will notify me that my family member is returning to this facility?
  10. If my family member evacuates with me, who do I contact to determine when the facility is open and operating?