Procurement Management is the primary team responsible for coordinating purchasing and contract activities.

New Solicitations

Procurement staff works with departments to determine the products or services required and the best method of solicitation (Invitation to Bid, Request for Proposals, etc.). 

This measure represents the number of new projects starting the solicitation process. 







staff memberreview meeting


Purchase Requisitions Processed

As departments conduct business, they submit requisitions to purchase supplies and services. 

The purchase requisitions are reviewed by Procurement Management staff and either approved as purchase orders or rejected.







Line Item Additions to Purchase Orders

​Once a purchase order exists, line item additions are made at the request of the departments, or as Procurement Management deems necessary.








Registered Vendors Local and Non-Local

Vendors register with Lee County in order to sell goods and services.

Currently, the database includes almost 14,000 vendors. The more vendors that are registered with the County and potentially bid on projects, the more competition in the procurement/solicitation process.






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