The Human Resources Department oversees the hiring process, job performance evaluation, and termination of staff; job descriptions and wage/salary classifications; benefit and wellness programs; and employee relations.

​Positions & Staffing

Total Board-Approved Positions

​Along with the budget, the Lee County Board of County Commissioners approves the number of positions per department each fiscal year.







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Position Vacancies
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Vacant positions indicate the efficiency of staffing levels, the recruitment process, employee retention and budgeting.


​Note: Data at the start of Fiscal Year 17-18

Supplemental Employees
​In addition to board-approved positions, departments can bring in non-permanent staff that may be needed for a designated period of time or to cover employee absences. On-call, temporary, and student interns are considered supplemental hires.
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​​Number of Employees per Supervisor

Management‐to‐staff ratio is unique for each department and is often driven by the diversification of functions, locations, shifts and responsibilities for each group.


Average Salary by Pay Grade
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​​Average Salary by Pay Grade is used to understand the distribution of salaries amongst staff.

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​ ​Employees Length of Service and Age Groups
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​This measure is used to identify the experience level of employees, identify potential impacts to the organization's knowledge base,
and future training needs.
Hours Breakdown - Regular and Overtime
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​Total hours worked, regular scheduled and overtime. This measure is used to identify appropriate staffing levels while ensuring core service levels are being met.








​ ​Hours Breakdown - Sick and Vacation
​The measure depicts how benefit hours are distributed and can be used to gain understanding for paid leave time. 


Postings/Applications/New Hires
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This measure represents the volume of recruiting and hiring efforts. A single job posting can result in more than one new hire when positions contain multiple vacancies; a few examples of this type of recruitment typically involve: bus drivers, emergency medical technicians, paramedics, toll collectors and library pages.

public safety new hires
Turnover Rate
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Reviewing the annual turnover measure helps Lee County to better understand the workforce life cycle and the environment the organization provides to its employees. This measure reflects the percent of total employees that voluntarily or involuntarily exited the organization. After a position is vacant, the department will evaluate if it is necessary to be filled.







Unemployment Claims

​Lee County attempts to be good stewards of the taxpayers' money and works to minimize unemployment claims.










Benefit Participation by Plan

Lee County runs a self-funded medical plan.  Reviewing levels of participation helps Lee County to understand the health needs of employees.







​Note: 'Employee Only' and 'Family' are the options available for Dental and Vision plans.
health fairhealth fairhealth fair
Cost of Medical Claims

​Because Lee County runs a self-funded medical plan, it is important to track claim costs.









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