​Building Space

Total Square Footage of Building Space
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The Facilities Construction and Management Department oversees new construction, expansion and remodeling, and maintenance of Lee County buildings and other structures.

The facilities square-footage metric determines annual maintenance costs per square foot and overall reflection of Lee County assets and vacant space.





Maintenance Costs Per Square Foot
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The cost per square foot is calculated by dividing the total maintenance square feet into the total operating cost of Facilities Construction and Management. The benchmark was set by International Facility Management Association.








​Energy per Square Foot
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Energy consumption is an indicator of how efficiently Lee County performing. Examples of how energy reductions are achieved: turning things off or down, lighting upgrades, cleaning and maintenance of cooling systems (HVAC).

Energy rates are out of Lee County's control, but staff can control energy use and building operations. Since 2006 Lee County has added additional buildings, but consumption did not dramatically increase because Facilities Construction and Management staff, as well as end users work to be energy conscience.

​Work Orders

Work Order Costs by Type

Tracking of work orders by type and costs helps with planning staff and expenses.

 ​Note: The cost of work orders in the jail is higher because of security protocols that must be followed.

facilities projectfacilities project
facilities projectfacilities project


​Records Center - Warehouse

Warehouse Boxes
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​This measure is used to determine numbers of boxes associated with storage of County records. The measure helps to analyze the trend of digital document management and alignment with retention schedules.







​Capital and Major Maintenance Projects

​Facilities Construction and Management is responsible for the maintenance, construction and renovations to County facilities. The department oversees the proposed five-year capital improvement and major maintenance projects. The construction of capital projects provides facilities for the public to use and also for employees to perform services for the public. The ongoing maintenance of existing facilities keeps them in working order.

Jet Blue ParkCentury Link Sports Complex
Active Capital and Major Maintenance Projects

This measure is used to track the activity level of current major construction projects in Lee County.

Lee County managed construction projects with a budgeted cost of more than $49 million in fiscal year 15-16. Examples of projects are: Bonita Springs and Fort Myers libraries, Lee Tran Beach Park-and-Ride Transfer Facility, Justice Center renovations, and the Administration Building plumbing replacement.


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