Please note: Bookmobile attendance at community events is in addition to a full schedule of regular community stops. Bookmobile availability for community events is limited and requests must be made at least six weeks prior to the event.

Bookmobile Attendance at Community Events

The Bookmobile attends community events for a number of reasons:

  • To support community development activities
  • To promote Bookmobile and other specific library services
  • To promote the library system

Thing library staff need to consider before committing to your event:

  • The vehicle is available and in good working order
  • There is easy access to the event and the parking area
  • Staff have plenty of notice to arrange for the event
  • The event fits into the Bookmobile schedule
  • Staff are available to work at the event; most are on weekends

The library also looks for events that fit in with the identified purposes:

  • The event provides an opportunity for the library to promote its services to a large group of new or potential library patrons
  • The event is related to the mission of the library
  • It is a non-commercial event
  • School visits are made for career vehicle days and to reach the entire school or students in a selected program. 
  • These are the types of events that the Bookmobile attends:
    • Community festivals - for example Telemundo Feria de la familia, Back to School
    • Community development activities - for example Pine Manor Make a Difference Day, Edison Festival of Lights Discovery Day
    • Parades; for example the Edison Festival of Light Junior Parade

These are the types of activities that the Bookmobile may carry out.  They depend on the event, the number of staff attending, and the audience:

  • Sign- up for library cards for county residents. Proof of residency required.
  • Short presentations – in a building or on the Bookmobile
  • Welcome to the Library tours
  • Story times and children’s activities
  • Borrow library materials
  • Return library materials

The Bookmobile staff sometimes arranges for community visits on its own where there is an opportunity to promote the library and its services. At other times the library is better served by using a table display.

Request the Bookmobile for an event.