Your Opinion Matters

Please take this brief survey on your use of passes on the LeeTran bus system.

1. What is your Gender?

2. What is your race or ethnicity?


3. What is your primary language?


4. What is your age?

5. What was your household income in 2014?

6. Where are you traveling to now?


7. How many times a week do you ride LeeTran?

8. What route do you use the most?

9. How do you get to the bus?


10. How do you pay for your bus trips most often?

11. Where do you currently buy your ticket or pass?


12. How do you currently pay for your ticket(s) or pass(es)?

13. Are you eligible to use discount bus passes?

14. If All-Day bus passes were not sold on the bus, how would you prefer to buy them?



15. If LeeTran sold a reloadable, prepaid bus pass, would you buy one?

16. Would you use a credit/debit card at a self-serve kiosk to reload a prepaid card or purchase bus passes?


Thank you for taking our survey! Your opinions will help us decide what type of fare boxes to purchase.