Good Wheels

Good Wheels is a nonprofit agency serving the community as the state-designated Community Transportation Coordinator (CTC) and the major transportation provider for the Transportation Disadvantaged in Lee, Hendry and Glades Counties. Good Wheels also provides transportation for the disabled who are outside of Passport's service area. 

Cape Coral Mini-Bus

The Cape Coral Mini-Bus program has been providing door-to-door transport service for transportation disadvantaged Cape Coral residents for the past 20 years. The program is especially designed for seniors and disabled persons who are unable to drive or use public transportation, and do not live with relatives who are able to drive.

Commuter Services

Commuter Services is a free, state-funded program to help commuters find the best commute alternative, including carpooling, vanpooling, transit, bicycling, telework, or alternative work hours. The website has a ride-matching tool to help you find potential carpool partners. 

Florida 511

Florida's Traffic Information Source, Florida 511 provides up-to-the-minute notices of construction and traffic delays, plus links to transit agencies, airports and other resources.

Carbon Savings Calculator

This calculator will help you estimate the potential reduction of carbon dioxide emissions you can achieve by switching part or all of your travel to public transportation.

Transit Savings Calculator

 Calculate how much you can save by taking public transportation instead of driving.