Q. How can I register for the classes?
A. You may register online by clicking the Schedule & Registration link or by phone at 239-533-2221.

Q. What happens after I am registered?
A. A confirming email or letter will be sent to advise you that you are registered in the class you have selected. Approximately two weeks before your class begins, you will receive an information packet including maps, where to park, lunch details, etc.

Q. As a LeeGROWS participant, will I be sitting in a classroom for five weeks?
A. Participants can expect a combination of sitting and walking.  There are days we will be walking while touring on-site facilities and days with more sitting.

Q. Is there a lot of walking involved?
A. There are tours and visiting different buildings each week. Some days involve more walking than others. For those individuals who are unable to participate on some specific tours, they can stay in the presentation classroom or stay seated on the bus.

Q. Can individuals with limited mobility attend the LeeGROWS program?
A. Absolutely. Lee County complies with the ADA. We are flexible in accommodating individuals with limited mobility. Numerous participants with canes, walkers and wheelchairs have attended the LeeGROWS program. Requests for reasonable accommodation must be made at the time of registration or five business days in advance of the five-week session.  Contact us by phone at 239-533-2221, or email LeeGROWS@leegov.com.   Persons using TDD may contact Joan LaGuardia through Florida Relay Service 711.

Q. Will I be able to discuss and debate the issues of the day with staff?
A. LeeGROWS is intended to show participants the daily operation of Lee County Government to see how tax dollars are spent. Citizens who are interested in discussing or debating issues can attend weekly Board of County Commissioners meetings allowing citizen input, call and write letters to your elected officials, be on one of the County Commissioners' many advisory committees, join the various County social media sites, write letters to the editor of your favorite newspaper, etc.

Q. Do you cancel many sessions because of weather?
A. Except for severe weather, such as a hurricane, this is a "rain or shine" program.

Q. If I need to cancel a class, how do I handle?
A. If possible, notify us three business days prior to the start date.  If you need to cancel the day of a class, call 239-533-2221.

Q. Can I make up missed sessions?
A. Yes. Contact staff at LeeGROWS@leegov.com to make arrangements.

Q. Can children attend LeeGROWS?
A. Participants must be at least 14 years of age to participate.  An adult must accompany anyone under 18.

Q. What if I have additional questions not addressed above?
A. If you have further questions about LeeGROWS not included in this list, email us at LeeGROWS@leegov.com.