Pre-tax premiums are deducted from your salary and are non-taxable. This means you save on Federal income tax and FICA (Social Security & Medicare taxes).

How much? You save a percentage of your premium. For example, if your annual premium is $1,800, and you pay 35% in taxes on that amount of salary, you save 35% of $1,800. That's $630 or $24.23 every two weeks.

You will automatically be signed up for pre-tax premiums annually. You DO NOT need to fill out a form.
You do have a choice, though, to opt out of the pre-tax premium deductions despite the savings. Please complete the Pre-tax Premium Drop Form if you wish to decline enrollment in the Pre-Tax Premium Plan.

Why would I not want the tax savings? If you pay Social Security taxes on your salary, then pre-tax premium deductions may result in somewhat lower Social Security benefits. In rare situations, it may be advantageous to pay full Social Security taxes rather than the lower Social Security taxes you pay when your premiums are deducted pre-tax.