How to Apply for Long-Term Disability Benefits:


PROGRAM FEATURESinsurance benefit
Benefit Amount

Replaces 60% of your pre-disability base salary if you experience an illness, injury or pregnancy -- reduced by any other taxable income you receive *

Benefit Maximum

Up to $5,000 per month until you are no longer disabled or until you have met your maximum benefit period. Maximum plan benefit based on $100,000 annual salary. Even though your salary may be higher, your benefits will be capped at $5,000 per month.

Benefit Minimum$100 per month
Elimination (Waiting) Period​90 days of disability
OtherYou must be diagnosed as totally disabled by a qualified physician, remain totally disabled during the 90-day waiting period, and meet all criteria for the plan
Disability Beyond 90 Days​LTD provides a monthly income amount in the event you suffer a total or partial disability that results in an extended absence from work for your own non-work-related illness or injury.
CostThe cost of LTD coverage is paid 100 percent for you by Lee County
Benefit PaymentsLTD benefits payments are taxable income because Lee County paid your premiums for you
​* The benefit will be reduced by any income received from other sources such as other disability programs, Social Security or retirement on a dollar-for-dollar basis. ​