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Fort Myers Beach: Estero Boulevard

Get Involved! Share your thoughts on the Estero Boulevard Improvements Project at the Lee County Town Hall online public forum.

Estero Boulevard Preliminary plans (Jan 2014 - rev 04/09/14)

Preliminary Plans (30% Plans) for Estero Blvd (Full Set) 

              (Pages 1-63 – Key Sheet, Drainage Map, Typical Sections, Roadway Plan/Profiles) 

              (Pages 64-107 – Cross Sections, Traffic Control Cross Sections) 

(Pages 108-170 – Pavement Marking, Lighting)

Lee DOT February 18, 2014 30% Plan Status Update to Town of Fort Myers Beach Town Council

Estero Boulevard Presentation Draft 30% Plan Status Summary February 18, 2014

Estero Boulevard Preliminary Design (Feb 2013 Public Workshop)

 Handout  South End
 Streetscape Master Plan Layout  Typical Sections
 Core Area  Crosswalk Examples
 Civic Complex  Crosswalk Warning Lights
 Quiet Center 1 & Quiet Center 2  Trolley Pulloff Examples
 High Rise  Typical Curb Ramps/Driveways  

 Full Set      


Estero Boulevard (CR 865) Analysis & Design:

Estero Boulevard (CR 865) Streetscape Master Plan:

Estero Boulevard  (865) Right-of-Way Maps-Survey Plans:

LeeTran Report:


Town of Fort Myers Beach Stormwater Plans:


Town requested Interim Improvement List :

Town of Fort Myers Beach Water-System:


FORT MYERS BEACH-Water Distribution Evaluation-2008-02:


Fort Myers Beach-Water Distribution Evaluation Update-2010-10: