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                          CIP Project Summary

Proj. No.   Projects   Status Manager
204030   Alico Rd. Multi-Laning   Construction complete, maintenance access ROW acquisition  
205075   Alico Rd. 4L - Ben Hill/Airport Rd   Preliminary design complete, design in 12/13, construction in FY 2015/16 Sarah Clarke
206002   Bicycle/Pedestrian Facilities   Daniels Pkwy. pathway to begin in May, Three Oaks Pkwy. bike lane conversion underway  
205720   Bonita Beach Rd. - Phase II   Construction underway Sarah Clarke
205723   Bonita Beach Rd. - Phase III   Design complete, right-of-way acquisition not funded, construction not funded Sarah Clarke
206758   Briarcliff Rd./ Ripp Signalization   Request to transfer funds to FDOT for construction on BoCC Agenda in April  
204088   Burnt Store Rd. Four Laning- SR 78 to Van Buren Pkwy   Construction from Pine Island Rd. to Diplomat Pkwy funded.  Diplomat Pkwy. to Van Buren Pkwy not funded Sarah Clarke
205601   Cape/Midpoint Plaza Reconstruction   Construction complete, beginning small landscape project  
205053   Captiva Dr. Shoulders   Complete, permit requires ongoing monitoring  
204054   Colonial Blvd/Six Mile to SR82   Major construction complete, separate turn lane project underway  
205065   Corkscrew Rd. Curve   Complete, permit requires ongoing monitoring  
205077   Crystal Dr./ Plantation Rd. Roundabout   ROW acquisition underway, Construction funded 13/14 Sarah Clarke
205072   Daniels Pkwy. 6L / Treeline Ave.- Gateway Blvd.   Complete  
205079   Daniels Pkwy Resurfacing Six Mile Cypress Pkwy. to I-75   Work is underway and should be completed within a couple of months Dirk Danley
205062   Del Prado Blvd. ROW   Waiting on final invoice from Cape Coral  
206688   Del Prado Blvd. Signals/Resurfacing   Construction underway Dirk Danley
205038   E-ARCS Upgrade for Leeway   Complete  
205067   Estero Blvd Improvements   Preliminary design underway, full construction not funded  
205021   Estero Pkwy Extension   Extended landscape maintenance phase through summer 2013  
204083   Gladiolus Widening   A&W Bulb Rd. construction underway, Gladiolus landscaping awarded  
206689   Hickory Blvd Paved Shoulders   Complete-Overlay of bike path to BoCC in 4-12  
205063   Homestead Rd. 4Lane / Sunrise-Alabama   Design and ROW acquisition underway, construction funded in FY 2015/16  
205080   Homestead Road Complete Street   Design to begin 4th Quarter of FY 12/13, construction not funded  
205068   Luckett Rd. 4L / Ortiz Ave. to I-75   Construction not funded  
205904 Matlacha Pass Bridge Replacement Construction underway Sarah Clarke
205074   Mitigation Bank   Hold up on Army Corps permit, had a meeting with Corps to discuss issues, waiting on a written response  
204100   North Airport Rd. Extension West   Design underway by developer, construction to begin 4th Quarter of FY 12/13 pending execution of Rail Road Agreement Sarah Clarke
205078   North Airport Rd. Reconstruction   Design is advertised for consultant proposals  
205056   Ortiz Ave./ SR 80 - Luckett Rd.   ROW acquisition underway, construction not funded  
204072   Ortiz Ave. Four Laning - MLK to Luckett Rd.   ROW acquisition underway, construction not funded  
204065   Plantation Rd. Ext., Idlewild St. to Colonial Blvd.   Extended landscape maintenance phase through summer 2013  
206690   Signal System Central Software   Complete  
206759   Signal System ATMS Upgrades   Installing fiber connections on Gladiolus Dr., Corkscrew Rd. and Alico Rd.  
204604   Six Mile Cypress Pkwy 4 Laning   Substantially complete  
206691   Summerlin Rd. Bike-Ped. Accommodation   Construction underway Sarah Clarke
206007   Summerlin Rd.-Boy Scout to Cypress Lake Dr.   Construction complete, landscaping funded in FY 2012/13 Sarah Clarke
204053   Three Oaks Pkwy Extension, North   Design and partila ROW acquisition underway, full ROW and construction not funded Sarah Clarke
204043   Three Oaks Pkwy Extension, South   Preparing CM proposal for BoCC to construction final pond Sarah Clarke
204081   Three Oaks Pkwy Widening   Landscaping in maintenance phase  
205818   Toll Interoperability   Plans to modify lane equipment to be able to read transponders from the north east.  
205037   Traffic Mgmt Center Update   Substantially complete