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April 21, 2010

Pine Island Public Library



Community Vision
Land Use/
Transportation Public


Future Community Vision:

  • Quality of Life
    • Keep green
    • Less dependence on tourism
    • Limit growth to sustainable levels
    • Control character of development
  • Community Character
    • Economic Development
      • Promote economic engines
        • Industry
        • High-tech
        • Manufacturing
        • Medical
        • Education
      • Maintain economic character of each community
      • Increase light industry for tax base
    • Cultural/Social Development and Resources
      • Maintain each community’s character
      • Maintain Pine Island’s rural character
      • Diverse population
      • Extraordinary history
      • County should recognize uniqueness of local communities
    • Environmental
      • Preserve habitats for tourism
    • Land/Community Development
      • Vacant properties harm community character
      • County is overbuilt, both commercially and residentially
  • Community Features
    • Features:
      • Blueways
      • Fishing
      • Bike trails
      • Music venues
    • Preserve:
      • Recharge areas and water quality
      • Wildlife
      • Density limits
      • Waterfront character (Pine Island)
    • Protect historic areas as tourism destinations
    • Restrict density
    • No second bridge to Pine Island
    • Limit agricultural exemptions by establishing a 20 year cap
  • Lifestyles
    • Pine Island lifestyle is different from rest of Lee County
    • Laid-back lifestyle
      • Culture
      • Prominent authors

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Land Use/Development:

  • Development Pattern/Style
    • Pine Island already has a well-developed plan
    • Maintain agricultural and maritime heritage on Pine Island
    • Less automobile dependence
    • Clustering
    • Plan should define development parameters
    • Preserve existing scale for new residential and commercial development
    • Confine commercial development to 4-way stop area
  • Prominent features
    • Too many strip malls
    • Housing should target all economic levels
    • Protect traditional land uses
  • Design characteristics
    • Poured concrete homes
    • Placement and appearance of wind and solar power
    • Require more landscaping
    • Require pervious paving
    • Highway landscaping
  • Development Practices
    • Enforce light ordinance
    • Fill empty commercial before building more
    • Recycle empty commercial buildings
    • Require solar panels
  • Urban form / Rural Character
    • No high rises in rural areas
    • Create village atmosphere
    • Maintain rural character
    • Promote infill where it exists
    • Build on historic downtowns

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  • Parks and public spaces
    • Pine Island is rich in recreation facilities (no beaches)
    • Keep passive recreation separate from active parks
    • Naming of parks should have public input
    • More waterfront parks with parking and public access and ramps
    • Great library system
  • Conservation areas
    • Keep Conservation 20/20
    • Need more conservation/buffer areas (eg, 20/20)
    • Calusa Land Trust unique
    • Tropical Point could be enhanced
  • Open space areas
    • Venues for big events needed (Pine Island)
    • Need common areas/meeting areas (Pine Island)
    • Need community center (Pine Island)
    • Need Festival grounds (Pine Island)
    • Turn Captain Cons Restaurant Island Marina into county park
    • Pine Island needs open spaces
  • Access and location
    • County properties should be somewhat accessible
    • Protect water access
    • More launch areas for non-powered boats

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  • Roadways
    • Traffic count should be announced regularly
    • Feasibility of additional bridge (Pine Island)
    • Schedule for widening Burnt Store Rd
    • Plan communities where cars aren’t required
    • Additional North/South road on Pine Island
    • Reconsider huge overpasses/flyovers – get ride of them
    • More paved roads
    • Roadway landscaping like Vet’s Parkway in Cape Coral
    • Restrict billboards
  • Multimodal
    • Hurricane proof harbor
    • Water taxis
  • Sidewalks/trails
    • Wider paths
    • Need sidewalks in densely populated areas
    • Consider needs of aging population
  • Bikeways
    • Bike paths on side streets on Pine Island
  • Transit
    • Buses
      • should be natural gas or electric
      • Smaller and more frequent
      • Own separate ROW
    • Bus parking areas
    • Reevaluation of LeeTran routes and frequency to and from Pine Island
    • Pine Island Trolley
    • Be careful about mass transit: nobody uses it in Miami

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Public Services:

  • Utilities
    • Natural gas if possible
    • Underground utilities
    • Eliminate defective septic systems
    • Water company a plus
  • Schools
    • Neighborhood schools
    • Schools for medical profession
    • Satisfied with school system
  • Government services
    • Expand health services
    • Government agencies should interact with community
  • Land development services
    • No scheduling of hearings about development and zoning when large percent of land owners are absent
    • Local community involvement in issuance of development orders, not just zoning
    • Officials should be more familiar with area
    • Encourage growth of universities
    • Adopt onsite water management program including runoff
    • Brick pavements better for aquifer
    • Porous surfaces wherever possible
  • Emergency services
    • Consolidate fire districts
    • Emergency services are OK as is 

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