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March 2010

Intergovernmental Agencies



Public Safety
March 10, 2010

Intergovernmental Agencies
March 24, 2010

Lee County Agencies
March 31, 2010


Issues identified in meeting with Public Safety, March 10, 2010

  • Hurricane vulnerability
  • Sea-level rise
  • Walkable communities
  • Complete streets
  • Lehigh septic and duplex issues

Issues identified in meeting with State & Local Agencies, March 24, 2010

  • Consider changing circumstances
    • University(ies)
    • Collier urbanization
    • Municipal (Downtown) revitalization
    • International airport
    • Investigate “green” building
    • Consider the effect of changing urban demographics on housing, infrastructure, services
      • Less reliance on cars, more walking, biking, other transit options
      • Medical services
      • Funding sources for light rail
  • Promote continuation of rural/agricultural uses to support urban form/self sufficiency
    • Explore compact communities, complete streets
    • Support density transfers to mass transportation corridors
    • Need more density in urban areas
  • Redevelopment in platted communities
    • Promote daily convenience, commercial areas in neighborhoods
    • Neighborhood connectivity to employment and shopping centers
  • Employment centers
    • Foster research activities
  • Manage water quality
    • Sustainability and incentives
  • Need public education

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Issues identified in meeting with Lee County Agencies, March 31, 2010

  • Provide better definition between urban and rural areas
    • Increase urban density; decrease rural density.
    •  Encourage agricultural uses – locally grown food
    • Incentivize area-wide stormwater management plans
  • Urban Transportation Issues
    • Urban-centered transit; park-and-ride, buses.
    • Road concurrency vs. urban areas
    • Funding source for mobility
    • Identify existing rail lines to explore transit options and possible urban redevelopment
    • Look at transit connections to airport
    • Need for continuing coordination for development of the airports
    • Roads still needed
  • Urban Redevelopment Issues
    • Water utilities may need redevelopment for increased urban demand
    • Type of solid waste collection systems, identified through plan amendments
    • Will increased urban density revive need for neighborhood, “walkable” parks
    • South Lee County solid waste transfer station(s)
    • Airport noise and adjacent development issues
  • Environmentally Sensitive Development
    • Consider integrated water resources plan
    • Irrigation water
    • Consider green building design incentives
    • Changes to species status (keeping the Lee Plan Current with Federal and State lists)
    • Water quality/EPA standards
      • External factors are important (Lake O, Everglades, flows down Caloosahatchee)
    • Evaluate enhanced Level Of Service standards for water quality standards
  • Fire Protection
    • Better notice to fire agencies on new permitting, including SFR
    • Don’t create wildfire interface issues, houses in the woods, eg. Briarcliff, Lehigh
    • Stable funding system for consistent level of fire service, less dependence on ad valorem
    • Unified fire districts
    • Consider tax/fee inequities for funding fire services
    • Consolidate fire review for building permits throughout Lee County
    • Call triage for emergency services to maximize efficiency
      • Lack of infrastructure east of I-75 along Corkscrew – fire protection/water supply

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