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April 28, 2010

South County Regional Library




Community Vision
Land Use/
Transportation Public


Future Community Vision:

  • Quality of Life
    • Preservation of open space, habitat
    • Establish, preserve, maintain unique characteristics
    • Clean water
      • Concern for receiving waters
        • Estero Bay
        • Rivers
        • Waterways
  • Community Character
    • Economic Development
      • Cluster development to allow for economic feasibility
    • Cultural/Social Development and Resources
      • Suburban not urban
    • Environmental
      • Increased open space
    • Land/Community Development
      • Distinct boundary between rural and urban
      • Well planned master-planned communities
  • Community Features
    • Features:
      • Multimodal transportation, provision to integrate into daily life
      • FGCU, health care, etc can be urban cores for new development
    • Connectivity between businesses and institutions
    • Economic engines:
      • Tourism
      • Education
        • FGCU
        • Edison
      • Agriculture
        • Algenol-type bio-fuel
      • Business
        • Health care
        • Aviation
  • Lifestyles
    • Green space/open space mixed into urban areas
    • More emphasis on cultural activities
    • Improve sense of place/community
    • More countywide activities
    • Broad mix of housing types and neighborhood densities
    • Sustainable:
      • Economy
      • Ecology
      • Community
        • Social aspect
        • Civic infrastructure

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Land Use/Development:

  • Development Pattern/Style
    • Who really wants to go urban?
    • Do not emphasize urban, allow variety
    • Infrastructure first
    • Mixed uses
    • There is a desire not to have to drive
    • Find balance of urban/open space
      • In zoning
      • In applied development
  • Prominent features
    • Incorporate corridors into planning
  • Design characteristics
    • Coordinate density around transit
    • Parking to support transit park-&-ride
  • Development Practices
    • Acquire, consolidate, repackage platted lands
      • Use 20/20 money to acquire platted lands
      • Leverage state money
      • Get legislative support
    • Concentrate density around activity centers with transport hubs
    • Redevelop abandoned shopping centers and residential developments: rebuild as schools or government centers.  Partner with school board for school centers.
    • Buy foreclosed units
    • Utilize railroad for transit, community character
    • Promote wide range of housing types, options
    • Transfer of Development Right
  • Urban form / rural character
    • Maintenance of rural areas, agriculture
    • TOD as #1 form of development
    • Mixed uses for all TODs along corridors
    • Rural preservation:
      • Create Urban development boundary and hold to that line
      • Water availability tied to new development

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  • Parks and public spaces
    • How much acquisition is enough
    • Happy with park system
    • Great job on regional and community parks, continue those standards
    • Neighborhood parks in urban areas
    • Find a good place for ATVs
    • Re-evaluate types of parks: Neighborhood, community, regional
      • What is missing in current park amenities
      • Where will we spend impact fees
    • Build on recent work
      • For DRGR, apply it more broadly/widely
      • Plan for greenways-implement/expand greenways master plan
  • Conservation areas
    • Weeks Fish Camp – develop a plan
    • Restoration activities in Lehigh
    • Avoid level of services that can not be maintained
    • Conservation must be ecologically viable
    • Habitat protection
    • Need public access to 20/20
    • Don’t unnecessarily diminish taxable land base
    • Greater O.S. requirements
    • “Take advantage of what you buy.”
    • 20/20 great program however:
      • Maintenance is expensive
      • Clean up invasives
      • Keep cost down:
        • Grazing
        • Use conservation easements
        • Contract with agriculture folks, neighboring agencies and property owners
  • Open space areas
  • Access and location
    • Connectivity
    • Corridors

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  • Roadways
    • Complete streets
    • Fix access to the interstate—slow traffic, cloverleaf
    • More east-west roads
    • Don’t let new roads determine land uses
    • Wildlife crossings
    • Gateway community signage
    • Improved pedestrian transitions across major roads
    • Traffic calming
    • Deceleration lanes
    • Landscaped medians
      • Points of color
      • Signature trees
    • Fewer new roads
      • Selective widening
      • Better signage
  • Multimodal
    • Alternate modes
    • Consider long range plan for rail
    • Improve connectivity—roads, bikes, pedestrians
    • More proactive transportation planning
    • Improve funding/design process
    • All developments can be walked or driven –  to and from  –  with access to commercial and other activities
    • Retrofit existing corridors
    • Integrate transportation and future land use elements
    • No giant cross-town expressways
    • Multimodal corridors
    • Multifaceted transportation corridors:
      • Bike lanes
      • Pedestrian
      • Mass transit, rail or bus
  • Sidewalks/trails
    • Need maps for sidewalks, bike paths, etc…
  • Bikeways
    • Need maps for sidewalks, bike paths, etc…
    • Improve connectivity—roads, bikes, pedestrians
  • Transit
    • Mixed use overlay should continue to follow LeeTran routes
    • Redevelopments connected via mass transit
    • Short headways for mass transit connections between real urban areas
    • Transit to airport
    • Expand/create park- &- ride opportunities

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Public Services:

  • Utilities
    • Underground utilities
    • Protect water supply
  • Schools
    • Green space at schools not available to public
    • Put schools where people are, not out in the country
    • Improve quality of education and/or perception
  • Government services
    • Libraries
    • Great library system but it’s a little sprawled out
    • Libraries not accessible by mass transit
    • Provide “Welcome to Lee County” packets
    • Stay ahead of need
  • Land development services
    • Better coordination of planning between Lee County and school board
    • Enhance code enforcement
    • Keep Lee County Community Development strong
    • Strengthen liaison with the Florida Department of Community Affairs
    • Land use patterns should drive efficient services, utilities
    • Central water/sewer in all urban centers; septic only in rural areas
    • Co-location of libraries, shelters, schools, etc…
    • Improve processes: user friendly
    • Cost for review should equal application fee
    • Predictability
    • New regulations don’t equal better results
  • Emergency services
    • Fire protection/EMS/County
    • Consider simpler response to emergencies, for example, send EMS without fire trucks for medical emergencies
    • Consolidate fire districts

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