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Page Park


Page Park is an urban community located south of the Page Field Airfield, north of US 41, and east of Metro Parkway.  Page Park’s community planning effort promotes redevelopment to encourage a vital community with historic residential homes and strong economic generators. Page Park Community actively implements and develops a variety of community planning projects:


  • Page Park Plan and Lee Plan Goal 27 revitalize the village-like neighborhood with mixed-use options that capture the area’s heritage by providing strong public services, pedestrian and bicycle connections, and business opportunities.


  • Page Park Land Development Code, Chapter 33, Article VI, addresses community-wide development standards that encourage mixed-use developments, pedestrian and bicycle connections, and that achieve and maintain a unique, unified and pleasing quality in signage, landscaping, lighting and development standards.


Community Project Presentations:

The owner or agent applying for the following types of county approvals must conduct one public informational session  within the community plan area prior to obtaining a finding of sufficiency.

  • Development order
  • Planned development
  • Conventional rezoning, special exception or variance
  • Administrative amendment
  • Lee Plan amendment


For additional information on meeting requirements, please see Lee Plan Goal 27 and Land Development Code Section 33-1203.


Additional Information: