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Shutter and Size for Size Window and Door Replacements


To install shutters or replace size for size windows and doors, you will need to submit a completed Shutter/Window/Door permit application, and three copies of a floor plan showing the affected openings and the means of escape. If you are installing shutters, you will need to provide three copies of an additional worksheet for the type of shutter you will be using. On the application and/or the shutter worksheet, you will need to list the product approval numbers for the product you will be installing. Lee County accepts Florida Product Approval (FL#’s) and NOA’s.

Shutter/Window/Door Permit Application
Shutter Worksheet - Storm Panels/Accordian Panels/Plywood
Shutter Worksheet - Roll Ups
Wind Zone Maps

Window and Door Pressure Calculations 

On the application you may select to use Lee County’s Mastered pressures when applying for size for size window and door replacements. If you will not be using Lee County’s Master pressures, you must provide three copies of individual calculations or engineering.

WINDMSTR01 - Lee County’s Alternate Method for Size for Size Window/Door replacements on windows/doors less than or equal to 60ft high. These are the pressure requirements if individual pressures or engineering is not submitted.


Compliance with tables R301.2(2) andR301.2 (3) of the 2010 Florida Building Code

150 Wind Exp B

160 Wind Exp B

160 Wind Exp D

170 Wind Exp D






House < 30’















House 30’-45’















House 45’-60’