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Permitting Procedure for Sheds


Click here for a Residential Building Permit Application

Please submit the following:

  • 3 copies of a site plan illustrating the existing structures on your property along with the proposed shed and the proposed set backs to your property lines both sides, front and rear.
  • 3 copies of engineered drawings, which comply according to the 2010 Florida Building Code, please make sure to include the size of the shed on your application and site plan.


We can provide the following pre-approved types of drawings for your use:

  • Masonry Construction: 8' x 12', 12' x 16', 16' x 24'
  • Wood Frame Construction: 8' x 12', 12' x 16', 16' x 24'


In addition to the above pre-approved drawings, the engineering on the following sheds have been pre-approved for "Mastering" by Lee County:

  • Suncrest Sheds
  • Arrow Sheds
  • Teds Sheds
  • Robins Sheds
  • Massing Ent (Teds Sheds)
  • Porta Carport
  • Superior Sheds


Upon submission of your application, you will be required to pay a $50.00 plan review fee and $25.00 zoning review fee. Upon issuance of your permit you will be required to pay a $50.00 permit fee if you choose a pre-manufactured shed. In the event you are constructing a wood frame shed you will be required to pay a $100.00 fee plus an additional $75.00 fee for a roof permit. Sometimes individuals choose to install a light fixture in their shed, which if you do you will be required to pay an additional $75.00 electric permit.

Change of Contractor - $50.00
Residential Zoning Revision - $20.00