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Residential Permit Application Requirements 


Click here for a printable version of the Residential Permit Application Requirements.


Single Family/Duplex

  1. Completed Application (get the application here)
    1. Property owner's name
    2. STRAP Number (17 digit number found on tax bill, available from the Lee County Property Appraisers Website or at 239-533-6150)
    3. Site address
    4. Directions to job from downtown Fort Myers
    5. Contractor information (Name, License Number, Address, Phone & Fax Number
    6. Electrical amps, Roof type, HVAC SEER rating  KW’s & tonage and Hurricane Protection
  2. Plot/Site Plan

Three (3) copies of a plot/site plan drawn to scale (1/8" = 1' minimum). The scale and north arrow must be indicated. The following items must be on your plot/site plan:

  1. All four lot corners, lot lines and dimensions.
  2. Location and name of streets or drives bordering the lot.
  3. If there is a water body within 25 feet of your project, indicate the mean high tide line or the edge of water and label the type of water body (for example: lake, creek, canal, river, Gulf).
  4. The size of the existing and proposed building(s); the location of driveways; and the location of all easements on the lot.
  5. Setbacks of the buildings (and any proposed additions thereto) from the four lot lines and other existing structures. Setbacks must be taken from the closest point of the building to the closest point of the property line.
  6. The plans must show the roof line as well as the foundation. Roof lines may not encroach into or over easements.


  1. If the property is located within a coastal zone area, a certified sealed survey indicating both Coastal Construction Zone lines, the Flood Zone requirement for the zone, and existing elevation of grade must be submitted with the application.
  2. If the property is located on a BARRIER ISLAND, i.e. CAPTIVA, UPPER CAPTIVA, BOCA GRANDE, BONITA GULF FRONT property, etc., the construction drawings must be sealed by a registered Florida architect or engineer and the certified survey must address the COASTAL CONSTRUCTION ZONE in addition to flood zone.
  3. A certified elevation certificate will be required indicating the NAVD elevation prior to tie beam inspection on CBS structures or framing inspection on wood structures.
  • NOTE: The form is to be completed by your surveyor and returned to the Inspection Department with the Building Permit number on it.


    If you are planning to purchase a manufactured garage, pole barn, gazebo, shed shed, utility building, etc. from a distributor please check if the approved plans for your make and model are on file with the Building Department. Otherwise, original plans signed and sealed by a design professional will be necessary.


    Plans that are prepared by a Florida registered architect or engineer shall be prepared in compliance with required wind loads and must contain a statement on the plan that the building/structure has been designed according to the 2010 Florida Building Codes. The following information related to wind loads shall be shown on the construction drawings:

    1. Ultimate design wind speed and nominal design wind speed
    2. Risk category
    3. Wind exposure
    4. Classification of the applicable enclosure
    5. Components and Cladding
    6. Goetechnical information 


    If the construction is located in a coastal area specific to the limitations under The Lee County Land Development Code, Chapter 14, Article II Division 2, Sea Turtles, also Chapter 6, Article III Coastal Construction Code, and Article IV Flood Hazard Reduction, the architect or engineer shall provide a statement of compliance with those applicable code sections.

    Plans should be submitted on standardized sheets drawn to scale (1/8" or 3/32" = 1' is acceptable). Three (3) sets of construction drawings must be submitted. The plans must bear the following specific information:

    1. Elevation for front, rear, right and left sides.
    2. Foundation plans.
    3. Floor plans. If an addition or enclosure, floor plans must identify rooms adjacent to the addition/enclosure as well as means of ingress/egress.
    4. Lateral breakdown (typical wall section from roofing through to foundation and NAVD Elevation.
    5. Duplex must have a tenant separation wall of UL Design or equal.
    6. Location of electric and plumbing.
    7. Conventional roof framing layout. If trusses, include engineered truss layout from truss manufacturer.
    8. If living area, three sets of 2010 energy calculations will be required.
    9. Manufactures name and model number with Florida Department of Community Affairs product approval number is required for impact resistant windows, doors, garage doors, shutters, overhead doors, and soffit material.
    10. If construction requires sprinklers, plans must show compliance with State of Florida Administrative Code 61G15-32.



    If construction is located on private or public water and sewer, a letter must be submitted from the appropriate utility company verifying availability to the site at the time of submittal of application.


    If construction is located on SEPTIC SYSTEM, applicant must apply for his Septic Permit at the Health Department prior to the submittal of the building permit. A copy of the paid receipt is required at submittal of building permit. (Applications are available at Development Services) If Septic is existing, you will need a letter from the Health Dept. stating it will be sufficient for size of dwelling at the time of submittal. (2295 Victoria Avenue 239-690-2100)


    If the property requires a well for potable water, a signed  Well Affidavit must be submitted at the time of application for a building permit. The Well permit must be obtained and inspection finaled before the Certificate of Occupancy will be issued. If the well is existing, a letter stating compliance from Natural Resources will be required at the time of application. (239-533-8114)


    Three (3) copies of the 2010 energy calculations and one (1) cover sheet (copy of 1st page of energy calcs) must be submitted with your application.

    10. OWNER-BUILDER DECLARATION OF SELF USE (on back of application)

    An owner-builder must sign an owner/builder affidavit.  He/She must be able to do all the work himself or hire licensed contractors as outlined in the declaration of self-use.

    11. NOTICE OF COMMENCEMENT (if construction value is $2500 or more)

    A Notice of Commencement must be recorded with the Lee County Clerk of Courts prior to issuance of the building permit. A copy of the recorded Notice of Commencement must be supplied at the time of pick-up of your building permit. (Notice of Commencement phone # 239-533-5007)

    12. BUILDING ADDENDUM (if owner is not the builder)

    Addendum on back of application must be completed.

    13. IMPACT LETTER (SFR & Duplex Only)

    An Impact Letter, obtained from Development Services, must be completed.

    14. DRAINAGE

    If the final grade on the lot exceeds 18 inches above the crown of the road or any adjacent developed lot, and is not in a subdivision subject to a current (active) Development Order, it will need to comply with the Land Development Code Section 34-3104. A COPY OF THE SITE FILL GRADING PLAN MUST ACCOMPANY THE PERMIT APPLICATION.


    Permits for a duplex (two family or single family attached), and not in a subdivision subject to a current (active) Development Order, will be required to comply with the Land Development Code Section 34-3107 and 34-3108, paved driveways, landscapes and irrigation.

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