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Mobile Home / RV Application Procedures


 Click here for a printable version of the Mobile Home/ RV Application Requirements


COMPLETED APPLICATION (get the application here)



  • Three (3) copies of the blocking and anchor details.


PLOT/SITE PLAN (See last page for example)

  • Three (3) copies of a plot/site plan drawn to scale (1/8" = 1', 1" = 10', 1" = 20', 1" = 30', 1" = 60') on 8.5 x 11 paper (or larger), and the scale must be indicated.

    The following items must be on your plot/site plan:
    • All four lot corners, lot lines and dimensions;
    • Location and name of streets or drives bordering the lot;
    • If there is a water body within 25 feet of your project, indicate the mean high tide line or the edge of water and label the type of water body (for example: lake, creek, canal, river, Gulf).
    • The size of the mobile home/recreational vehicle; the location of driveways; and the location of all easements on the lot. Stairs, landings, porches (including factory built), bay windows must be shown.
    • Setbacks of the mobile home/recreational vehicle (and any existing or proposed additions thereto) from the four lot lines and existing structures. Setbacks must be taken from the closest point of the building to the closest point of the property line. Roof lines are not allowed to encroach into or over easements.
    • The plans must show the roof line as well as the foundation.

If you have questions regarding your required setbacks you may contact our office at (239) 533-8329 (option 1).



To determine whether your property is within a flood zone, you may call the Division of Development Services at (239) 533-8597 (option 5) and provide them with the STRAP number of the property. If the Division can not verify what flood zone the property is located in, a certified sealed survey indicating the Flood requirement for the zone and existing elevation of grade must be submitted with the application.

If the mobile home/recreational vehicle must be elevated four (4) feet or more, the contractor has the option of using mastered 36 inch engineered reinforced piers OR by meeting the base flood elevation with conventional concrete blocking.

If using conventional concrete blocking, the floor elevation must be verified by a registered surveyor after the mobile home\recreational vehicle has been set in place. It will be necessary to submit the elevation certificate, with the building permit number, to the Department of Community Development, Inspections Office, 1825 Hendry Street, Ft. Myers, Florida, 33901.

A final inspection must be requested when the mobile home\recreational vehicle is tied down and all pertinent sub work has been completed and inspected.



If the mobile home\recreational vehicle is located on private or public water and sewer, a letter must be submitted from the appropriate utility company verifying availability to the site at the time of submittal of application.



If the mobile home\recreational vehicle is located on a SEPTIC SYSTEM, applicant must apply for his Septic Permit at the Health Department prior to the submittal of the building permit. A copy of the paid receipt is required at the time of submittal of the building permit. (Applications are available at Development Services) If Septic is existing, you will need a letter from the Health Dept. stating it will be sufficient for size of dwelling at the time of submittal. (2295 Victoria Avenue, 239-690-2100)


WELL (Mobile Homes Only)

If property requires a well, a Well affidavit must be submitted at time of application of building permit. The Well permit must be obtained and inspection finaled before Certificate of Occupancy. If the well is existing, a letter from Natural Resources will be required at time of application stating compliance. (1500 Monroe St. 239-533-8114)



An owner applying for a mobile home / RV tie down permit, must also submit a Mobile Home Owner Affidavit, listing the mobile home dealer/installer who will be installing the mobile home / RV.


Applications are available in our office via fax, call (request at 239-533-8329), or here.


BUILDING ADDENDUM (if construction value is $2500 or more and the owner is not the builder):

It is found on the back of the mobile home/recreational vehicle application.



A completed impact letter, must be submitted at time of application. 



A/C $75.00
Admin/ Radon Fee  $2.00 min. or 1.5% of permit fee
Change of Contractor $50.00
Electrical (if applicable) $75.00
Impact Fees From Land Development Code              
Mobile Home/RV Tie Down $150.00
Plan Review $50.00
Plumbing (if applicable) $100.00
Residential Zoning Revision $20.00
Zoning Review $25.00


1st extension (prior to expiration of permit) $ 100.00
2nd extension and every extension there after $150.00


You must call for inspections at (239) 533-8997


No refund on permits of $50.00 or less (unless issued in error by the County) or if work has commenced or if permit has expired. There is no refund on any plan review fee. Allowed refunds will be at 75% of the permit fee.



When an inspection has failed, a fee will be charged for all recalls and turn-downs. Fees are $50.00 per re-inspection.  Fees can be paid online at or on the phone (239) 533-8997, press the " * " key."




WHO CAN PICK UP THE BUILDING PERMIT? The application must be signed by the Contractor, an authorized agent of the contractor of the property owner in the presence of the Building Official or designee. Owner-builders must personally appear and sign for their permits. The only exception to this is with a legal, recorded, Power of Attorney. NOTE: Contractors must be licensed and registered with Lee County Contractors Licensing.

TRACKING YOUR APPLICATION: Applicants can call 533-8997 with their case (receipt #) to track the progress of their application

REVIEW PROCESS TIME: The review process time varies with the department's workload (normal permitting time is anticipated to be 7 working days).

REJECTED PLANS: Plans will be rejected if all required paper work is not complete. Customer will be notified in writing or by fax. The customer will come back to the office to pick-up the reject plans.

CHANGES TO THE APPROVED PLANS: Any filed changes of outlets or fixtures, non-structural or structural changes must be submitted to the  Information Desk for processing. If the original plans were sealed by an architect or engineer, the revisions must also be  sealed. These must be  submitted in plan form of three (3) copies and approved, prior to commencement of work.

POSTING THE PERMIT: Permits must be posted at eye-level, visible from the road and protected from the weather. There must also be a set of the approved plans on the job at time of inspections.

CERTIFICATE OF OCCUPANCY: The building may not be occupied until the final inspection has been completed and a Certificate of Occupancy is issued, at which time the power company will be notified to connect permanent power. Violators will be cited and temporary power will be disconnected.

ADDITIONAL PERMITS (if required): Plumbing, Electrical, Air Conditioning, Roofing, Lawn Sprinkler system, Pools (including above-ground), Spas, Enclosures, Fences, Solar, Fire Sprinklers or Alarm Systems.


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