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Enclosure Permit Application Requirements



  1. Completed Application (get the application here)
    1. Property owner's name
    2. Strap number (17 digit number found on tax bill, available from the Lee County Property Appraisers Office or at 239-339-6150)
    3. Site address
    4. Directions to jobsite, from downtown or I-75
    5. Contractor information (name, license number, address, phone & fax number)
    6. Electrical amps, roof type, HVAC seer rating KW's & tonage


  2. 3- Plot/ Site plans
    1. Show all lot lines and dimensions
    2. Location and name of streets bordering lot
    3. Size and location of proposed building &/or existing structures (show roof likes as well as foundation)
    4. Setbacks of the structure from all lot lines and existing structures

NOTE: If there is a body of water within 25 ft of your project, indicate the mean high tide line or the edge of water and label the type of water body (Ex: Lake, Creek, Canal, River, Gulf)


  1. Blueprints
    1. Aluminum Architect or engineered sealed construction drawings. If plans are mastered with Lee County, we will need to know the master number
    2. Fence/ Rail Detail showing construction, spacing of posts, self locking gates and height
    3. Wall Architect or engineered sealed construction drawings


  1. Additional information required
    1. Warranty Deed: If property records show that the property is not recorded in the new owners name
    2. Owner-builder Declaration of Self Use. If owner is acting as contractor he/she must sign a declaration of self-use. He/she must be able to do all the work himself or hire licensed contractors.
    3. Notice of Commencement (if construction value is $2500 or more) Recorded with Lee County Clerk of Courts
    4. Building Addendum (if owner is not the builder)


Change of Contractor $50
Fence $25
Plan Review $50
Zoning Review $25
Residential Zoning Revision $20
Screen Enclosure $100
Wall $100 min./$0.75 plf