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Wastewater Treatment Facilities


LCU currently owns and operates seven wastewater plants.  Our staff is committed to producing quality effluent and protecting the environment. 

The effluent being produced from our wastewater plants is either used for reclaimed water or put back into nature to become part of the water cycle.  LCU understands the importance of using reclaimed water to reduce the amount of potable water being used for irrigation and connects new reclaimed customers every year.

 Wastewater Treatment Facilities


Capacity MGD (Million Gallons per Day) 

 Ft. Myers Beach

6.0 MGD

 Fiesta Village

5.0 MGD 

 Three Oaks

6.0 MGD 


0.5 MGD 

Pine Island 

0.50 MGD 

San Carlos 

0.30 MGD 

High Point 

0.025 MGD