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Bayshore Utilities Transition to Lee County Utilities

April 26, 2012

Yacht Club Colony Residents,

The following information is being provided as an update to the Bayshore Utility Company court proceedings initiated by the Department of Health.  Bayshore Utility was under a consent order to make certain capital improvements to improve the water quality.  Because no effort was made by the private utility owner to make these improvements, the Department of Health filed an Application for an Order to Show Cause to declare the utility abandoned and the Order was granted.  The Lee County Attorney’s Office petitioned the Court requesting an emergency hearing to assign responsibility to Lee County Utilities. This petition allows Lee County Utilities to commence activities within the utility to protect the public health and safety of this community.

Lee County Utilities is currently working on strategies that will provide reliable potable drinking water to your community and will schedule a town hall meeting in the very near future to discuss those strategies.  At this time, LCU staff is assessing the utility and making those repairs that are required for public safety.

We will be placing the system users on a no consumption notice until we have assessed the source water and produced water quality to ensure public health.  You should receive a formal written notice later today.

If you have interrupted service or need assistance, please call our Customer Service number 239-533-8700.

If you would like to receive updates by email, please provide your name, address, phone number, and email address to Please pass this email on to all your neighbors for their information.

Lee County understands the urgency of this situation and we appreciate your patience in this matter. We look forward to working with you and finding the most effective solutions to this situation.