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Deposit Information & Fees

At the time of sign-up, customers may be required to pay a security deposit for water and/or sewer service.  The deposits earn annual interest which is credited to your account in September or at the time the account closes.  For single family residences (only), after 23 months of good payment history or when the account closes, the security deposit and interest are credited to your account.  Refunds will be issued on closed accounts when there is a remaining credit balance after all charges have been posted.  Security deposits are non-transferable to another person and may not be used to pay your regular monthly water/sewer bill.

Deposits may be waived for single family residences only if the customer can provide one of the following:

    1.    A.  You have had an established account with LCU within the last two (2) years meeting ALL of the following criteria's:
    2.      1. The service provided by LCU was for 12 consecutive months
    3.      2. During these months, service was not disconnected for a delinquent unpaid balance 
    4.      3. The account has had less than two (2) late charges posted to it for past due balances 
    5.    B. The customer can provide a letter of reference from their previous utility provider (Gas, Water, Electric) confirming that services were provided within the last 2 years AND that their account has had a good payment history within the last 12 months of service.


Important: Although deposits may be waived during the application process, deposits may be assessed at a later time if your utility account becomes delinquent.

The amount of deposit is based on the following schedule:

Deposit Fees


Meter Size

Water Deposit

Sewer Deposit

Single Family



Multi Family

$48.00 x Units

$76.00 x Units

Recreational Vehicle

$24.00 x Units 

$38.00 x Units


 Meter Size

Water Deposit

Sewer Deposit































If you are unsure whether water and/or sewer service is provided at your premise address, contact Customer Service.